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Want a Tibet train ticket? You come to the right place. As the sole partner of China Railway, ChinaTibetTrain offers Tibet train ticket online booking service from the hottest train routes that link Lhasa with Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xining, etc. to the train in Tibet running between Lhasa and Shigatse. Just take a few clicks, nail your Tibet train ticket with us, the most reliable and only official partner with China Railway.

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Check Tibet Train Fares & Schedule by Train Route

Tibet train fares are subject to alteration wherever possible check times locally before traveling. All Tibet trains have air conditioning, pressurized cabins, and oxygen. The Tibet train costs vary depending on the season and the route you take. Ticket scalping is common during the high season (summer months and Chinese holidays) where enterprising entrepreneurs purchase tickets in advance and resell them for a premium.

The new section of the railway, known as "Qinghai-Tibet Railway", begins at the Xining Railway Station and concludes at the Lhasa Railway Station. You can catch a train heading to Xining from most major cities in China. If you cannot obtain a ticket directly to Lhasa from your current city, try purchasing one for Xining as chances are you will be allowed to continue to Lhasa for an additional fee once you arrive in Xining.

FAQs about Tibet Train Ticket Booking

In fact, booking Tibet train is not as difficult as you expect. We handpick three of the most frequently asked questions about Tibet train booking. Hopefully, you will have a clue as to the crucial steps of booking.

How to Choose Tibet Train Ticket Classes?

On every Lhasa Express train, there are three classes of tickets for you to choose. In order of price, from the cheapest to the most expensive, they are hard seats, hard sleepers and soft sleepers.

Since it is quite a long journey to Tibet by train from mainland China, it is not suggested to take a hard seat on a train to Tibet. Hard sleeper tickets are easier to obtain as opposed to soft sleeper. However please be advised that the hard sleeper option is not for everyone. The hard sleeper has six bunks with no cabin door in each compartment and you have to be more cognizant about your belongings. The hard sleeper option is great for a true cultural interactive experience, while the soft sleeper option is better for a family or travelers who want oving space and privacy. You can choose depend on your adaptability and your budget.

Where to Purchase Tibet Train Tickets?

Train tickets in China need to be purchased in advance, normally at least 5 days. However the system is not perfect and therefore you can still purchase tickets the same day assuming there are seats left. Tickets can be purchased either at your current train station or via a tour agent. You can also reserve tickets online.

Regarding the limited ticket supply and high demand of Tibet trains, which is quite popular with travelers from both home and abroad, it is suggested to reserve your Tibet train tickets online with a reliable travel agency, who will also help you to apply for Tibet travel permit and arrange your Tibet tour.

How Far in Advance to Book Tibet Train Ticket?

Generally, it is suggested to book your Tibet train ticket at least 30 days in advance. And one or two month booking ahead works best for you especially for the hottest train routes to Lhasa from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Xining during major Chinese holidays and high season of Tibet tour.

So we suggest that you book the Tibet train ticket as early as possible, as early booking leaves more chance for you to get your favorite train ticket to Tibet.

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More Tibet Train Tour Guide

As an insider and expert of Tibet train tour, our travel guide covers up-to-date information far beyond Tibet train journey. Here, not only will you find a wealth of useful tips that will make your train travel safe and pleasant, but also make you travel like a local in different gateway cities to Tibet.

What’s New ?

ChinaTibetTrain is your window to Tibet tour. Find out the latest news about Tibet train and Tibet travel.

The long-expected Chengdu-Xi’an High Speed Train Became Available on Dec. 6, 2017.

Dec.10th, 2017

Touted as the biggest move for China Railway by the end of this year, the long-expected Chengdu-Xi’an High Speed Train greeted its first passengers on Dec, 6, 2017. Covering a total distance of 643km, the Chengdu-Xi’an high speed train (D4252) shortened the original 13hours journey to around 4hours. With the maximum speed of 250km/h, the train can instantly cross Qinling mountain range, the previous formidable natural barrier. For our Tibet tour travelers, it offered a quick access and great alternative from Chengdu to Xi’an, the most ancient capital in Chinese history.

2018 Tibetan New Year Is Coming Soon.

Nov. 11th, 2017

Ready to join this year’s grand celebration of Tibetan New Year? Well, you still have time to sort it out the details. As the most important festival in Tibet, Tibetan New Year (also known as Losar), will fall on Feb, 16, 2018. Witness the old traditions like exorcising ghost with burning torch; eating tricky Guthuk soups; tossing white Tsampa; hanging new prayer flags, burn Weisang, etc. It’s the perfect time to mingle with locals and experience the real culture of Tibet. What’re you waiting for? Don’t let the once-in-a-year chance slips away from you.

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