Tibet Train Facilities: All about the Life on Board

Last updated: August,10 2018

The Tibet Train, also known as Lhasa Express or Lhasa Skytrain, is the only train to Lhasa through the Qinghai-Tibet railway. Specially designed for the journey through the Qinghai Tibet plateau, the Tibet train is equipped with unique oxygen supply system, which ensures a safe and comfort train trip to Lhasa.

What does it look like inside the Tibet train?

How about the life on board?

Here we introduce you every detail of the train to Tibet, including the sleeper cabins, the dining car, the toilet, the oxygen supply system, etc. On each Tibet train, there are soft sleeper cabins and hard sleeper cabins for passengers to choose to spend over 24 hours train journey to Tibet. There is a dining car on board, offering three meals a day and kinds of snacks and drinks. The washrooms, the power outlets... All unique features of the Tibet train allow for passengers to travel in comfort to altitudes in excess of 4000 meters.

Living and Dining on Tibet Trains

  • Sleeper Cabins

    Soft Sleeper & Hard Sleeper for your rest on the train

  • Dining Car

    Onboard restaurant and bar where you have meals on the train

Public Facilites on Tibet Trains

  • Toilets

    On the Tibet train, there is a washroom at the end of each car. Both western-style toilet and Chinese-style toilet are offered on board. Also, there are disabled access toilets on Tibet trains.

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  • Oxygen Supplement

    As the train running through the Qinghai-Tibet railway at the average altitude over 4000 meters, Tibet trains are equipped with specially designed oxygen supply system to release the altitude sickness on board.

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  • Battery Charging

    There are several power outlets on Tibet trains, from which you can charge your mobile phones, laptops, etc. The voltage in China is generally 220V, 50HZ.

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  • Luggage Space

    You can put your luggage under the lower berth. There are also the luggage rack over the aisle. Check the luggage policy on Tibet train, to learn more about the luggage allowance and restriction.

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FAQs on the Life on Tibet Trains

  • How to Kill Time While Taking Long Hours Tibet Train Travel?

    For most tourists, travelling to Tibet by train can be an experience of a lifetime. While looking forward to the spectacular scenery on the way, one should also consider the question on how to kill time on board, since the travelling time could be up to 55 hours and most landscape along the way before your train get to Tibet Plateau are plain. Therefore you need to know about some useful tips for a better long-distance train journey.

  • Will I Suffer from Altitude Sickness When Taking Tibet Train?

    Altitude sickness is one of the biggest issues among thousands of tourists when they plan to travel to Tibet. Actually, compared with flying to Tibet, travelling to Tibet by train is much safer and better for acclimatizing the high altitude. However, it cannot be easily answered that whether you will suffer from altitude sickness while taking a Tibet train. Since this dispends on your own constitution and how active you are during the trip.

  • What Is Life Like on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway?

    The trains to Tibet depart from the major gateway cities of mainland China, including Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xining etc. While each has its own route for the first part of the journey, all of them will complete the trip along Qinghai-Tibet Railway. From there you will enjoy the marvelous landscape of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and get a chance to see wild animals along the railway in Kekexili.

  • Is it Safe to Take Tibet Train and Tour Tibet?

    It is completely safe and secure to take train and tour Tibet. As the highest railway in the world, Qingzang Railway stands as a masterpiece of the engineers. Kinds of extreme difficulties were solved until its completion. Also the Tibet trains are magnificently and specially built to run through the high plateau and mountain areas, with oxygen supply provided. Travelers should not miss the chance to board the Tibet train and enjoy an unforgettable journey.

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