Tibet Trekking Tours

There are many trekking tours in and around Tibet, among which, the trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp is the most popular one for tourists in Tibet. Along the way, you can explore the local valleys and glaciers below the north-face of Mount Everest and appreciate the amazing view of the most magnificent scenery on the world’s highest mountain.

Another popular trek in Tibet is Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage trek, which is widely known as the kora around Asia’s holiest mountain - Mount Kailash. To trek around Mt. Kailash and nearby Lake Manasarover integrates the spiritual, cultural and physical dimensions of a Tibet tour.

For general trekking lovers, the trekking from Ganden Monastery to Samye Monastery is the best long trek to go. You don’t need to go to the high mountain areas, but just enjoy the marvelous landscapes around Lhasa city, as well as take a cultural exploration in centre Tibet by visiting Ganden monastery and Samye Monastery.

To start your trekking tour in Tibet, please remember that, all these treks must be organized via a trusted local agency so that you can get the Tibet travel permit to enter Tibet.

Recommended Trekking Routes in Tibet

We offer you various Tibet trekking tours, covering all the best trekking destinations in Tibet plateau. You can choose your favorite route to check the detailed travel itinerary with price quote, or tailor your own Tibet tour with us.

Tibet Trekking Tour Travel Guide

Trekking in Tibet, the highest land in the world, is more difficult than trekkingin other place else. With years of experience, we offer you the most useful guide for taking a Tibet trekking tour.

  • Tibet Travel Permit

    Tibet Travel permit is the most important travel documents required for any Tibet tour. Since the trekking tour in Tibet always beyond Lhasa city, you may also need to apply for the Aliens’ Travel permit for trekking in EBC, and Military Permit for the Mount Kailash kora. All of the required travel documents will arranged by us if you choose our Tibet trekking tour.

  • Best Time to Go

    The best time to trek in Tibet is from April to October for the best weather without much rainfall or snowfall. Some trekking trails may be messy in July and August, when it is the rainy season in Tibet. In winter seasons, from November to next March, the mountains are inaccessible and some highways are blocked due to heavy snow. So it is highly suggested to arrange your trekking tour in Tibet during April to June, or September to October.

  • What to Pack

    Always take your passport and Tibet travel permit with you. If you just take a light trekking, you can leave your suitcase in your hotel or in the car and take a small backpack with you while hiking around. For Mount Kailash trekking or trekking in some remote areas, you need a large backpack for days trekking in the mountain area. It is suggested to take your own sleeping bag.

  • Our Support

    Our professional travel advisor will answer all your questions about trekking in Tibet and help you arrange your Tibet trekking tour. During you journey, our experienced local Tibetan guides and drivers will lead you to explore the real beauty of Tibet. Whatever happened on the way, you can contact us immediately. A 24/7 service is available any time.

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