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While there is a train station at Xi'an, it is not a starting point for trains to Tibet. However, trains from Guangzhou and Shanghai to Lhasa would pass through and stop in Xi'an. Trains run through Xi'an several times a day, but it is still a good idea to pre-book your tickets, even in the off-season, as there is no guarantee of getting a ticket on one of the trains passing through, and the ticket quota for Lhasa trains from Xi’an is very small. If you are determined to travel by train from Xi’an, we recommend booking your tickets well in advance through us.

Xi'an to Lhasa Train Ticket Online Booking

Xi'an to Lhasa Train Map

Xi'an Lhasa Train Ticket Price & Online Booking

Train No.From / ToDep. / Arr.DurationDistance (km)FrequencyHard sleeper TicketSoft Sleeper Ticket
Z265 Xi'an/Lhasa 09:45/17:05 31:20 2,864 Daily CNY611.5 CNY969.5
Z165 Xi'an/Lhasa 11:24/19:20 31:56 2,864 Daily CNY611.5 CNY969.5
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1. The ticket prices above are the net price . Since the demand of Xi'an to Lhasa train tickets always far exceeds the supply in peak season, tourists have to pay more than the net price to buy tickets. The actual price is subject to the market fluctuation.

2. A small service fee will be charged for Ticket-Only service. No service charge on booking train tickets if you also book a Tibet tour package with us.

3. Your submitted reservation is not an order but just an inquiry. The reservation need to be confirmed by Chinatibettrain.Com. An early reservation is recommended for the limited supply of Tibet train tickets.

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Why take Tibet train from Xi’an?

Xi’an is one of the most important cities in Chinese history, and is as old as China itself. It is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese civilization, and many of its historic sites date back over 3,000 years.

Xi'an CityXi'an City

The city has always had close ties to Tibet, and was the ancient seat of the Tang Dynasty, then known as Chang’an. It was the home of Princess Wencheng, who traveled to Tibet to marry Songtsan Gambo, the then King of Tubo – the ancient kingdom that is now Tibet. Her marriage to the king strengthened the ties between the Tubo kingdom and the Tang dynasty for a thousand years. The story of Princess Wencheng has become a major part of Tibetan history, and had a major effect on Tibetan Buddhism in the region.

The Xi'an CircumvallationThe Xi'an Circumvallation

Xi’an is also the eastern end of the Silk Road, a trail that ran across China and Tibet and through Nepal into India, centuries ago. It is also the home of the world-famous Terracotta Warriors, which were made during the Qin Dynasty, around 300BCE. The warriors were a collection of sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, and were buried with him. The army consists of 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 attached horses, and over 150 cavalry horses with mounted soldiers. They remain in the pits where they were dug, and are the second most amazing sight in China, after the Great Wall.

Terracotta Warriors Terracotta Warriors

There are also many other historic sites around Xi’an, which are worth spending a few days seeing, and the city is also an important center in north-west China for culture, economics, industry, and education.

Xi’an Train Station

Xi’an Railway Station is a major junction for trains traveling to northwest China, as well as a transfer center for travel to southwest China and is a major gateway to the entire western region. With trains running through the station from the Longhai Railway, the Xikang railway, the Ningxi Railway, and the Baoxi Railway, you can reach every major city in China from Xi’an.

Xi’an Railway StationXi’an Railway Station

The two-story terminal building that houses the platforms was built in the style of the Tang Dynasty, and has four main waiting rooms, luggage storage, ticket offices, and a gamut of food stands. Unlike most stations in China, the square in front is sunken, with many cafes and restaurants, and is surrounded by trees. The ticket hall is easily located, to the left of the main entrance. The station lies on Huancheng Road, just north of the ancient city wall, just 3.5km from the center of the city.

 The square in front of Xi'an Railway StationThe square in front of Xi'an Railway Station

Xianyang International Airport is 39km away, and the Shuttle Bus runs between the airport terminals and the Jiefang Hotel, near the train station. The trip takes about 90 minutes, and costs 25CNY per person. Taxis are freely available for the trip as well, and cost around 100CNY for the one-hour drive to the station.

 Shuttle bus on Xianyang International Airport Shuttle bus on Xianyang International Airport

Traveling on the Xi’an-Lhasa Train

The train from Xi’an to Lhasa is one of the shortest routes, if you are able to get a ticket, and takes around 32 hours. As with all trains to Tibet, there are three classes of tickets, hard seats, hard sleepers, and soft sleepers. The hard seats are not recommended for long trips. The hard sleeper cabins sleep six in bunks, and have no door, while the soft sleeper cabins only have four berths, and a lockable door. These are the normal preference for foreign visitors to Tibet for the added security.

Soft sleeper on Xi’an-Lhasa TrainSoft sleeper on Xi’an-Lhasa Train

The train has 24-hour dining in the dining car, and a selection of both Tibetan and Chinese dishes on the buffet trolley. There are many different dishes on offer, and there should be something available to suit almost all tastes. During the stretch from Golmud to Lhasa, the staff will announce upcoming points of interest for passengers in Chinese, Tibetan, and English, and give a short explanation of the sights and what to look out for.

Oxygen outlet on Xi’an-Lhasa TrainOxygen outlet on Xi’an-Lhasa Train

Oxygen is available in the soft sleepers and the train’s corridors in case of altitude sickness during the latter part of the journey, and oxygen tubes can be obtained from the train staff. There is also a medical cabin on the train with a doctor and nurses to treat any ailments along the route.

Flights to Xining – an option to avoid high ticket demand

While there are times when it is possible to get tickets from Xi’an, it is more likely that tickets will be unavailable. In those cases, you can either take a connecting train to Xining, or fly to Xining, where you will have a much better chance of getting tickets for your required dates of travel. If you wish, we can book the train tickets from Xining to Lhasa for you, and you can pick them up from the station when you get there.

 Xianyang International Airport Xianyang International Airport

There are more than 17 flights from Xi’an to Xining daily, from major airlines such as China Eastern, Sichuan Airlines, Shandong Airlines, China Southern, and many others. The flight to Xining takes around one and a half hours, and costs from US$89 for an economy, one-way ticket. It is always recommended to buy tickets online from reputable and recognized brokers, and look around for the best deals.

Xining Railway StationXining Railway Station

The main advantage of traveling via airplane to Xining and then taking the train from there is that you can save time on the trip, and as Xining is at an elevation of 2,275 meters, you can always spend a day there to help with acclimatizing to the higher altitudes. This can help to reduce the risk of altitude sickness. Moreover, as most of the spectacular scenery is on the train from Golmud (where the train starts its ascent to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau) you would not be missing any of the best parts of the train journey.

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