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Xi'an Lhasa Train Ticket Price and Schedule

Train No.From / ToDep. / Arr.DurationDistance (km)FrequencyHard sleeper TicketSoft Sleeper Ticket
Z265 Xi'an/Lhasa 09:54/16:45 30:51 2864 Daily CNY611.5 CNY969.5
Z165 Xi'an/Lhasa 11:22/19:35 33:13 2864 Daily CNY611.5 CNY969.5

* The ticket price is just for reference. Please contact us for exact price on your departure date.

* Since Xi'an-Lhasa is one of the most popular train routes to Tibet, it is suggested to make your reservation as soon as possible.

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As a stopover city of Guangzhou to Lhasa train and Shanghai to Lhasa train, Xi’an is also a popular gateway to Tibet from mainland China. The trains from Xi’an to Lhasa depart every day respectively at 9:54 and 11:22, and will arrive in Lhasa at 16:45 and 19:35 on the second day, after running for about 30 hours.

It is a good idea to pre-book your Tibet train ticket, even in the off-season. As there is no guarantee of getting a ticket on one of the trains passing through, and the ticket quota for Lhasa trains from Xi’an is very small. If you are determined to travel by train from Xi’an, we recommend booking your tickets well in advance through us.

Xi'an to Lhasa Train Schedule

Trains from Xi’an to Lhasa provides one of the shortest routes to Tibet, and will cover around 30 hours to run across several major cities en route. As a return trip, trains to Xi’an from Lhasa will bring tourists back to mainland China from the plateau. To enjoy a Tibet train journey connecting Xian and Lhasa, tourists are free to choose your preferred route according to your own travel plan.

Timetable of Xi'an to Lhasa Train

There is no direct train departing from Xi'an to Lhasa. Trains from Xi'an to Lhasa are separately originated from Guangzhou and Shanghai. Train No. Z265 and Train No.Z165 leave every day at 09:54 and 11:22 from Xi'an, and will arrive in Lhasa in the afternoon of the second day.

Timetable of Xi'an to Lhasa Train No.Z265

StationAltitutdeArrivalDepartureStop TimeDaysDistance
Xian 385 m -- 09:54 -- Day 1 --
Lanzhou 1,520 m 16:45 17:00 15 min Day 1 676 km
Xining 2,200 m 19:26 19:49 20 min Day 1 892 km
Delingha 2,982 m 23:51 23:53 2 min Day 1 1,209 km
Golmud 2,780 m 02:20 02:45 25 min Day 2 1,722 km
Nagchu 4,500 m 12:17 12:31 14 min Day 2 2,542 km
Lhasa 3,650 m 16:45 -- -- Day 2 2,864 km

Timetable of Xi'an to Lhasa Train No.Z165

StationAltitutdeArrivalDepartureStop TimeDaysDistance
Xian 385 m -- 11:22 -- Day 1 --
Lanzhou 1,520 m 18:18 18:37 19 min Day 1 676 km
Xining 2,200 m 21:02 21:27 25 min Day 1 892 km
Delingha 2,982 m 01:29 01:31 2 min Day 2 1,209 km
Golmud 2,780 m 04:15 04:40 25 min Day 2 1,722 km
Nagchu 4,500 m 14:24 14:30 14 min Day 2 2,542 km
Lhasa 3,650 m 19:35 -- -- Day 2 2,864 km

Timetable of Lhasa to Xi’an Train

Traveling back to Xi’an from Lhasa, Train No. Z166 and No.266 depart daily from Lhasa Railway Station at 11:30 and 12:55, and will take 33 hours and 32 hours to reach Xian Railway Station respectively.

Timetable of Lhasa to Xi’an Train No.Z166

StationAltitutdeArrivalDepartureStop TimeDaysDistance
Lhasa 3,650 m -- 11:30 -- Day 1 --
Nagchu 4,500 m 15:11 15:17 6 min Day 1 322 km
Golmud 2,780 m 02:01 02:26 25 min Day 2 1,142 km
Delingha 2,982 m 04:53 04:55 2 min Day 2 1,478 km
Xining 2,200 m 09:10 09:30 20 min Day 2 1,972 km
Lanzhou 1,520 m 12:08 12:24 16 min Day 2 2,188 km
Xian 385 m 20:34 - - Day 2 2,864 km

Timetable of Lhasa to Xi'an Train No.Z266

StationAltitutdeArrivalDepartureStop TimeDaysDistance
Lhasa 3,650 m -- 12:55 -- Day 1 --
Nagchu 4,500 m 16:33 16:39 6 min Day 1 322 km
Golmud 2,780 m 03:30 03:55 25 min Day 2 1,142 km
Delingha 2,982 m 06:22 06:24 2 min Day 2 1,478 km
Xining 2,200 m 10:27 10:47 20 min Day 2 1,972 km
Lanzhou 1,520 m 13:10 13:26 16 min Day 2 2,188 km
Xian 385 m 21:46 - - Day 2 2,864 km

Please Note:

The timetable and schedule is just for reference. When you make early reservation, please contact us for more details.

How to choose the route? Xi’an to Lhasa or Lhasa to Xi’an?

Xi’an is not only an important gateway city to Tibet but also a popular tourist destination in China. So whether to choose Xi’an to Lhasa or Lhasa to Xi’an may depend on your own travel schedule and itinerary. Besides, the ticket booking of the Tibet train is also an influential factor to consider.

Advantages of Xi’an to Lhasa Train

a. Suitable for China Tibet tour from Beijing or Shanghai

If you start your China Tibet tour from Beijing, Shanghai or other coastal cities, you can first take a high speed train or flight to Xi’an from these cities, and then take the train from Xi’an to Lhasa. In this way, you can have a classic itinerary from mainland China to Tibet covering the most visited destinations in one trip.

b. More Chances to See Breathtaking Scenery

The highlighted scenery of the rail line lies in the section from Xining to Lhasa, i.e. the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. When taking the train from Xi’an to Lhasa, which leaves in the morning at 09:54/11:22, passengers can first one night stay onboard, and then see the fine scenery on the on the following day, before the train arrives in Lhasa at 16:45 or 19:35.

On the contrary, the train from Lhasa to Xi’an departs at noon time, and will first bring you to traverse the scenic sections before it reaches Golmud at night. After that, you will barely have chance to see some amazing window view as the train moves on.

Therefore, it is recommended to take the train from Xi’an to Lhasa to enjoy the best of Qinghai-Tibet Railway, especially when it is the first time for you to experience the Tibet train.

Advantages of Lhasa to Xi’an Train

a. Suitable for Extended trip to China after Tibet Nepal Tour

If you plan to travel to Tibet from Nepal, and then extend your trip to China after your Tibet Nepal tour, then you can take the train from Lhasa to Xi’an, and then continue on visiting other mainland cities in China.

b. Much Easier to Get a Tibet Train Ticket

Currently there is no direct train departing from Xian to Lhasa, which means booking Xian-Lhasa train tickets is more difficult than other routes with originating train stations to Lhasa. Especially, during the peak travel season, the train tickets are in huge demand and are often sold out very quickly after their release dates.

While the return journey from Lhasa to Xi’an is usually the easier route to get tickets for, since more travelers tend to travel to Tibet by train and then fly out, to better acclimatize to the high altitudes of Tibet.


If you take a train from Xian to Lhasa, it is strongly suggested to pack up the luggage ahead of time and move quickly to board the train, since Xi’an Railway Station is just an intermediate station where the train stops for about 10 minutes.

Xi’an Lhasa Train Ticket

Soft Sleeper Train Ticket: 969.5 CNY

Hard Sleeper Train Ticket: 611.5 CNY

What’s the Difference between the Soft Sleeper and the Hard Sleeper?

Soft Sleeper Cabin on Tibet Train

Soft sleeper on Tibet train is provided with 4 berths in each cabin.

The soft sleeper on Tibet trains is provided with the best possible facilities onboard, and could be the optimum choice for passengers caring about good privacy and comfortable travel experience. In each soft sleeper cabin, there are only four berths inside, with a lockable door to ensure a quiet environment.

While for budget travelers, the hard sleeper on Tibet train will be a good option, since it has a lower ticket price and also remains the comfort to some degree. There are 6 berths in each hard sleeper cabin. Although no door is provided for hard sleeper, tourists can have more chance to enjoy the time with locals or other passengers onboard.

How to Book the Xian Lhasa Train Ticket?

The Tibet train ticket can be booked at the railway station or on the Internet. As a better choice, you can book your Beijing Lhasa train ticket online with us. With professional and trustworthy services on Tibet train tours, we can help to get your ticket of your preferred travel date.

Is it difficult to get a Tibet train ticket from Xian?

By virtue of its important status in a classic China tour, Xi’an allures a large number of tourists from home and abroad. Following a Xi’an city tour, many tourists will travel to Tibet from Xi’an by train. However, it is always hard to get a Tibet train ticket from Xi’an to Lhasa, due to its limited supply in amount, especially during peak travel season with more demands.

For a Xi’an Tibet tour, the peak season starts with the summer months, from June to the end of September, and this is the main period when obtaining tickets to Tibet for the trains from Xi’an can be harder. During this time, the trains are often booked up well in advance.

The low season for travel to Tibet is normally from December to January, at which time there are fewer tourists traveling to the plateau, which makes getting tickets much easier. This is also a good time for budget travelers to Tibet, considering the lower prices on hotel bookings etc.

The shoulder season, from April to May and October to November, can sometimes be difficult to get a train ticket as well, as there are certain Chinese holidays during these periods when tickets can sell out, and which times travel should really be avoided.

As a result, it is best to make your reservation as early as possible, even if you take the train ride from Xi’an to Lhasa in low season, so that you can successfully book your preferred seat of your planned travel date.

How to Collect the Xian Lhasa Train Ticket?

For tourists booking your Tibet train ticket with us, we will send the ticket to your address in mainland China. Or under some emergency cases, our staff will hand the train ticket to you at the railway station, before you board the train.

If you need to collect the ticket by yourself, you should go to the railway station in person. By showing your booking number, passport and Tibet travel permit, you can get your ticket from the train conductor. It is suggested to arrive in the station at least two hours earlier to reserve enough time to collect your ticket.

Get Your Tibet Travel Permit in Advance!

To collect your Tibet train ticket, you need to show the Tibet Travel Permit. Apply your Tibet travel permit and train ticket together with us, a real hassle-free Tibet train tour is one click beyond.

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Xi’an Lhasa Train Route

Xian to Lhasa Train Map

Xian Lhasa Train Route Map

The rail route of Xi’an to Lhasa train covers a distance of 2864 kilometers, mostly stretching across the challenging and high-elevation plateau area. It will take about 30 hours for the whole train journey from Xi’an to Lhasa.

Starting from the ancient capital city in central China, the train heads northwest to Lanzhou and Xining, gradually entering the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. From Xining, the train begins to ride on one of the most scenic railways in the world, as it moves to Golmud and Nagqu, until reaching Lhasa.

The breathtaking scenery along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway from Xining to Lhasa keeps impressing tourists boarding the Tibet train. You will have the chance to see massive green grassland, loft snowy mountain peaks, isolated Kekexili natural reserve, limpid and clear alpine lakes and more highlights along the way by riding the train.

Can I get off the train at Xian station with my ticket from Beijing to Lhasa and then get back with the same ticket after few days’ sightseeing in Xian?

When enjoying a China Tibet tour, many tourists usually choose to first tour Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, where they can get easier access to this country, and then continue to travel to Xi’an and further to Tibet, to complete a fantastic journey encompassing the best highlights. However, for tourists taking a Beijing to Lhasa train, you cannot get off the train at Xian station for sightseeing, since the train will not stop there.

Besides, even if you take the train to Lhasa from Shanghai or Guangzhou, which will stop at Xi’an en route, you can only have several minutes to get out to stretch your legs during the stopover, and then you need to get back onboard before the train restarts to run again.

If you want to tour Xi’an city for a couple of days during your Beijing Lhasa train journey, you need to buy train tickets separately for each section. That is to say, you can first take a train or flight from Beijing to Xi’an, and then take the train from Xi’an to Lhasa, after few days’ sightseeing there.

How about the altitude change along Xian Lhasa Railway? And how to prevent high altitude sickness while taking the train to Lhasa from Xi’an?

Beijing Lhasa Train Journey Altitude Change

Check the altitude change of Xian-Lhasa train from the graph above.

The rail route from Xi’an to Lhasa starts at an altitude of about 400 meters, and then traverses the lowland area for the first one third of the whole line, before reaching Xining (2200 m). After Xining, the railway begins to climb up to the high plateau, and reaches Glomud at 2780 meters.

Leaving Golmud, the altitude increases sharply, ascending to more than 4500 meters when crossing Kunlun Mountains, and then rises to the railway’s highest point at Tanggula Pass (5072 m). After that, the altitude gradually drops as you move on to Nagqu and Lhasa, at an elevation of 3650 meters.

With such a high altitude to experience by taking the Tibet train, however, travelers don’t have to worry too much about the altitude sickness. As there are specially equipped oxygen supply systems provided on each Tibet train, including the one from Xi’an to Lhasa, you can make good use of them to reduce the effect of high altitude.

Are there more ways to travel to Tibet from Xi’an by train?

While there is a train station at Xi'an, it is not a starting point for trains to Tibet. There are times when it is possible to get tickets from Xi’an, it is more likely that tickets will be unavailable. In those cases, you can either take a connecting train to Xining, or fly to Xining, where you will have a much better chance of getting tickets for your required dates of travel.

Trains from Xian to Xining and Xining to Lhasa Train

Getting to Xining from Xian by train is very convenient. There are 11 bullet trains running from Xian to Xining every day, departing from early morning to late afternoon. It takes only 4.5 hours to reach Xining Railway Station. From there, tourists can directly board the train from Xining to Lhasa, without any transfer in the city.

By this way, tourists will have more flexible choices on travel schedule, owing to the adequate supply of trains. Besides, the train tickets from Xian to Xining are also relatively cheaper, so you can cut down your travel cost to some degree compared to taking other connecting route.

Flights from Xian to Xining and Xining to Lhasa Train

There are more than 17 flights from Xi’an to Xining daily, from major airlines such as China Eastern, Sichuan Airlines, Shandong Airlines, China Southern, and many others. The flight to Xining takes around one and a half hours.

The main advantage of traveling via airplane to Xining and then taking the train from there is that you can save time on the trip, and as Xining is at an elevation of 2,275 meters, you can always spend a day there to help with acclimatizing to the higher altitudes. This can help to reduce the risk of altitude sickness.

Moreover, as most of the spectacular scenery is on the train from Golmud (where the train starts its ascent to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau) you would not be missing any of the best parts of the train journey.


When experiencing the train journey from Xi’an to Lhasa, it is suggested to prepare some entertainment for yourself to kill the time onboard, except for taking in window scenery along the route. Reading a book, watching movies, or listening to music and more relaxing activities will be good options.

Xi’an Railway Station Guide

Xi’an Railway Station is a major junction for trains traveling to northwest China, as well as a transfer center for travel to southwest China and is a major gateway to the entire western region. With trains running through the station from the Longhai Railway, the Xikang railway, the Ningxi Railway, and the Baoxi Railway, you can reach every major city in China from Xi’an.

Xian Railway Station Map

Map showing locations of Xian Railway Station and other landmarks in Xian city

The two-story terminal building that houses the platforms was built in the style of the Tang Dynasty, and has four main waiting rooms, luggage storage, ticket offices, and a gamut of food stands. Unlike most stations in China, the square in front is sunken, with many cafes and restaurants, and is surrounded by trees. The ticket hall is easily located, to the left of the main entrance. The station lies on Huancheng Road, just north of the ancient city wall, just 3.5km from the center of the city.

Get to Xian Railway Station from Xianyang International Airport

Situated in the northwest of Xi’an city, Xianyang International Airport is about 40 kilometers from the railway station. Since there is no direct subway lines connecting the two places, tourists need to take a shuttle bus or taxi to get to the railway station from the airport.

By Airport Shuttle Bus No. 2

The Airport Express Line provides the nonstop transfer between the airport and the station. Leaving every 30 minutes from 7:50 am to 20:20 pm, the shuttle bus can bring tourists directly from Terminal 3 station of the airport to railway station (Longhai Hotel). The entire trip takes about 1.5 hours and the ticket price for one-way transfer is 25 RMB per person.

Bus Route : Terminal 3 – Railway Station (Longhai Hotel Station)

By Taxi

Taxis are freely available for the trip as well, and cost around 100 RMB for the one-hour drive to the station. But during the rush hours, the road is often crowded, and you will probably spend more time waiting for traffic lights and pay more for the ride.

Get to Xian Railway Station from Xi’an North Railway Station (High Speed Train Station)

The distance between Xi’an North Railway Station and Xi’an Railway Station is only about 15 kilometers, and it is very convenient to transfer between the two stations by subway, city bus, or taxi.

By Subway

Riding the metro is the most recommended way to transfer in populous cities, like Xi’an. It will take about 40 minutes to enjoy a subway ride from the high-speed railway station to Xi’an Railway Station. The ticket price is 4 RMB for one way per person.

Transfer Route: Metro Line 2 – Metro Line 1

Start your ride of Metro Line 2 (Weiqunan direction) at Beike stop, and transfer to Metro Line 1 towards Fangzhicheng after 9 stops. Then get off the metro at Wulukou stop (Exit D) to walk about 1 km to the railway station.

By Taxi

Tourists can also take a taxi for the transfer. Normally, it will take about 40 minutes by taxi, and the cost will be about 50 RMB or more depending on traffic conditions.

By Bus

Several city buses are available to run between the two stations without connections on the way, but there are quite a lot of stops to pass during the journey, resulting in longer time of transfer. Despite of its low price (2 RMB one way per person), it is not recommended to take a bus especially when you are in a hurry to get to the station.

Get to Xian Railway Station from Terracotta Warriors

If you need to go to the station from Terracotta Warriors by yourself, the best option is to take a taxi. It will take about one hour to cover a long distance of 40 kilometers from the hot tourist spot to the station. The cost will be 150 RMB or much higher during the peak travel season.

Besides, you can also take Tour Bus No.5 which departs every 5 to 10 minutes from 07:00am to 19:00pm. It will take about 2 hours to reach the bus station in front of the Post Office on the East square of Xi’an Station. And the cost is 7 RMB per person.

Tibet Train Photo Gallery

Xi’an Tibet Train Tours

Get travel ideas from our most recommended Xi’an Tibet Tours by train. Choosing from the most classic travel itineraries in Tibet, you will enjoy a wonderful Tibet train journey from Xi’an to Lhasa, with our one-pack services of guaranteed Tibet train ticket and Tibet travel permit.

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Is there any place worth visiting before my Xi’an Lhasa Train tour?

  • Xi’an City Sightseeing (Suggested 2 to 3 days)

    As the home of the world-famous Terracotta Warriors, Xi’an is the city you should never miss during your China Tibet tour. There are many historic sites scattered in this centuries-old city, alluring numerous tourists to trace the profound civilization and history of ancient China.

    It will be a good idea to ride a bicycle on the Ancient City Wall, or discover treasured collections in the Shaanxi History Museum, or taste delicious local Shaanxi food while wandering along the Muslim Street.

  • Chengdu Sightseeing Tour (Suggested 1 to 2 days)

    Owing to the opening of the Xi’an-Chengdu High-speed trains, the connection between the two cities in western China becomes more and more frequent. Currently, there are 36 high-speed trains running between Xi’an and Chengdu, taking nearly 4 hours on the way.

    Before you train journey to Tibet from Xi’an, you can visit the charming city of Chengdu, where you can see the cute Giant Panda, experience the leisurely local life, and enjoy popular spicy Sichuan food, adding more fantastic experience to your lifetime tour in China and Tibet.

    >> Join in our classic 12 Days Xian Chengdu Tibet Train Tour

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