Tibet Train Tour: Best Tibet Railway Tour Packages from Mainland China

Taking a Tibet train tour from mainland China via the Qinghai-Tibet railway is a unique way to get to Tibet. While traveling along the world’s highest railway, Qinghai Tibet Railway, to Tibet, you can appreciate the stunning landscape of the Tibetan plateau from the windows and experience a special Tibet train journey onboard the special designed Tibet express train.

Specialized in China Tibet train tours, we guarantee Tibet train tickets, Tibet Travel Permit and offer a variety of Tibet train tours from mainland China to Tibet. You can join in one of our classic small group train tours from the major gateway cities to Tibet with a lifetime journey onboard the Tibet train, or choose one of the best China Tibet train tours to explore the highlights of mainland China and Tibet together in just one go.

Why Choose Our Tibet Train Tour Packages

  • Train Ticket Guaranteed

    It is always difficult to get a train ticket to Tibet, especially in peak seasons, because of the limited supplement of Tibet train tickets. But if you book the Tibet train tour packages with us, no matter a join-in Tibet train tour or a longer China Tibet train tour, you can get a guaranteed train ticket to Tibet.

  • Tibetan Local Service

    We offer more than Tibet train ticket booking services. Headed in Lhasa, we offer authentic Tibet tours with experienced local Tibetan guides and drivers. And we also provide extended long journey from Tibet to mainland China and Nepal.

  • One-stop Service

    As long as you book our train tour package, your Tibet train ticket and Tibet permit are well-secured in the tour package. No need to deal with different companies, you just contact your 1-on-1 travel consultant, who will handle all the things for you.

  • Best-value Price

    The total cost you pay for our Tibet train tour package is absolutely cheaper than you book the train ticket and Tibet tour separately. And we promise there is no hidden cost of your Tibet train tour.

Recommended China Tibet Train Tours

Besides the classic travel in Tibet, we also provide various kinds of China Tibet train tours from the major gateway cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Xining. Whether you are looking for an essential train trip from China to Tibet, or searching for a panorama trip to explore more destinations in mainland China, as well as Tibet, you can find one that suits your need.

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Chengdu
  • Xining
  • Guangzhou
  • Hong Kong
  • Xian

Beijing Tibet Train Tours

As the most popular Tibet travel route, Beijing Tibet tour by Tibet train gives you a sharp contrast to ancient Chinese culture with mysterious Tibetan Buddhism. It’s a perfect journey for globetrotters.

Shanghai Tibet Train Tours

“Highly developed economy VS unspoiled spiritual realm”, Tibet tours from Shanghai by train offers a great escape from hustle and bustle of the modern Chinese city in coastal eastern China to peaceful and deeply-religious Buddhist kingdom on stunning Tibetan Plateau.

Chengdu Tibet Train Tours

As a vital gateway to western China, especially to Tibet, Chengdu serves as a hub for popular attractions in Sichuan province. Travelling from this leisurely city by Tibet train promises multiple tour experiences before heading to Tibet.

Xining Tibet Train Tours

The true beauty of Qinghai-Tibet Railways lies from Xining to Lhasa section. You can experience the fine blend of Muslim, Han and Tibetan culture here. We can organize tours to enchanting Qinghai Lake before boarding the Tibet train.

Guangzhou Tibet Train Tours

Guangzhou offers the longest train journey to Tibet from mainland China. For train buffs, you will relish the chance to take the longest Tibet train journey (53:20h) across China to Tibet, or take a flight to Xining from Guangzhou and enjoy the most essential parts of Qinghai-Tibet railway.

Hong Kong Tibet Train Tours

Boasting of awful lots of international flights, Hong kong is a perfect entry city for many international tourists. You can enjoy the long journey from Hong Kong to Tibet with day trips to Guilin, Chengdu, Xi’an and other popular destinations in China en route or after your trip in Tibet. It would be a fantastic trip for tourists of all ages.

Xian Tibet Train Tours

For culture explorers, visiting Tibet from Xi’an by train offers you a great peek into the two utterly different culture and religion. Get prepared not to drop your jaw when seeing the ancient Chinese army and majestic cliff-side Buddhist monasteries in both two places.

Ultimate Guide to Arranging a Tibet Train Tour

  • Where to start a Tibet train tour?

    Recently, there are several cities offering trains to Tibet, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xining, Chongqing and Lanzhou. Among them, Xining is the best place to start a Tibet train tour, for every train to Tibet pass by Xining Railway Station, the starting point of Qinghai-Tibet railway, so that you can have more choices for Tibet train tickets.

    But for international travelers who come to China for the first time, Shanghai and Beijing are absolutely the best gateways to start a China Tibet tour for they have easy access to other destinations in mainland China and the rest of the world.

    If you plan to take a China Tibet tour in peak season by train, such as the summer holiday or the first week of October, it is highly suggested to get to Xining and take the Xining Lhasa train to Tibet no matter where you visit first in China. And an early booking can make more chances to get a Tibet train ticket.

    Start Your Tibet Train Tour Now
  • Life onboard Tibet Trains

    How about the life onboard Tibet Train?

    The journey from mainland China to Tibet by train is a long journey that over 24 hours. The longest journey from Guangzhou to Lhasa even takes around 44 hours. See how to kill time during your Tibet train tour here.

    Generally, you may need to spend one or two nights on board. There are two kinds of sleeper cabins on Tibet trains, namely the first class soft-sleeper cabins and the ordinary Hard-sleeper cabins. You can have meals in the Dining car onboard, but there are only Chinese dishes. It is suggested to bring some snacks and instant noodles with you if you are not get used to Chinese food. There is spoiled water offered 24-hour a day. And the most featured thing on Tibet train is the oxygen supply system, which will be opened in Golmud-Lhasa section.

More Things to Know about Tibet Train Tour

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