Beijing Tibet Nepal Tour

A Beijing Tibet Nepal Tour is one of the most popular China Tibet Nepal travel routes. It is convenient to get to Tibet from Beijing by both air and train. For those who prefer to enter Tibet from Beijing and plan to take an in-depth journey in the Himalaya regions from Tibet to Nepal, we hand-picked the best Beijing Tibet Nepal tours.

All of our Tibet Nepal Tours from Beijing cover the best of each destination. No matter you want to take a flight to Tibet or eager to experience the most popular Beijing Lhasa train journey, you can find one that suits your need.

Beijing Tibet Nepal Tour with Tibet Train Experience

Specialized in Tibet Train tour, we offer you the best Beijing Tibet Nepal tours with a lifetime Qinghai-Tibet train experience. All of our Beijing Tibet Nepal train tour packages include a guaranteed Tibet train ticket from Beijing to Lhasa (or Xining/Xi'an to Lhasa according to the travel route). You don’t need to worry about getting the most popular Beijing Lhasa train ticket, as well as how to get the permit. We will handle all the things for you, from Tibet Permit application, ticket booking to tour arrangement.

More Beijing Tibet Nepal Tour Packages

Besides the most featured train tour from Beijing to Tibet and Nepal, we offer more China Tibet Nepal tours from Beijing by air. The fast and convenient flight from Beijing

Things to Know before Your Beijing Tibet Nepal Tour

  • Travel Documents

    For a Beijing Tibet Nepal tour, you need to apply for Chinese Visa, Nepal Visa, as well as the Tibet Travel Permit before you go. The visas to China and Nepal can be applied by yourself. But Tibet Travel Permit can be only applied through a local Tibet travel agency.

  • Best Time to Go

    The best time to visit Beijing Tibet and Nepal together is said to be spring and autumn. If you plan to take a Tibet train from Beijing to Lhasa, try to avoid go in summer for it is a peak season and hard to get a train ticket.

  • What to Pack

    For a long journey to Beijing Tibet and Nepal, it is suggested to travel light. In fact, you can by most basic things locally. Sunscreen and sunglasses are important for travelling in the high plateau. You can ask your travel consultant for detailed packing list according to your itinerary.

  • Our Service

    We offer packaged Beijing Tibet Nepal tours that can be customized to your own demands. You don’t need to worry about getting the Tibet Travel Permit and booking the train tickets to Tibet. Once you book your trip with us, we will handle all the things for you.

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