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A trip to Tibet is not enough to explore the whole Himalayas. That’s why we provide the best Tibet Nepal Bhutan tour packages for you to explore the real Himalaya kingdoms. From the mysterious Tibet to the last Shangri-la on Earth - Bhutan, from snow-capped peak of the world to the remote valleys hidden in the Himalayan mountain regions, you can take a leisure sightseeing trip to witness the marvelous natural beauty of the great Himalayas, or do some outdoor activities, such as trekking, hiking or even mountain climbing to deep explore these land. The small villages, the unique monasteries, the lovely local people, the sacred pilgrims…all what you are looking for is just here.

Best Tibet Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages

We offer kinds of weeks-long journey to these mysterious Himalayan destinations. No matter where you want to start your trip, from Nepal, Tibet or Bhutan, No matter how deep you want to explore, just to visit the classic attractions or take the off-the-beaten-path to go, you can find something suits your needs here.

Things to Know before Your Tibet Nepal Bhutan Tour

  • Travel Documents

    Both Tibet Travel Permit and Bhutan Visa for your tour can be only applied through a local tour operator which will offer the tour service for you. So it is suggested to make your travel plan as early as possible. The visa for your trip in Nepal can be applied on arrival.

  • Best Time to Go

    The best time to visit Tibet Nepal and Bhutan together is spring and autumn, during which you could have more chances to appreciate a clear view of the Himalayas. The weather in spring and autumn is also pleasant for outdoor activities, such as hiking and trekking in the mountain areas to enjoy the beautiful landscape of snow mountains, vast grassland, crystal lakes and clear rivers.

  • What to Pack

    Whenever you take a trip to the Himalayan regions, bring warm clothes with you, especially if you plan to stay for one night at the Everest Base camp. Remember to take sunscreen, lip balm and moisturizer with you to protect yourself from the dry climate and strong sunshine in the plateau. Consult your travel experts for professional gears if you want to take an adventure trip, such as mountain climbing, trekking and cycling in these destinations.

  • Our Service

    We offer all-in-one service to cover every aspect of your trip to Tibet Nepal and Bhutan. From the travel document application to local tour arrangement, we will handle all the things for you. You just tell us your travel ideas, your budget and any of your requirement, we will help you arrange the best trip according to your needs.

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