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Shigatse Lhasa Train Ticket Price and Schedule

From/ToDurationDistance (km)FrequencySecond Class TicketFirst Class TicketBusiness Class Ticket
Lhasa/Shigatse At Most 2:42 248 2 Trains/Day CNY64 CNY103 CNY225
Shigatse/Lhasa At Most 2:42 248 2 Trains/Day CNY64 CNY103 CNY225

* The ticket price is just for reference. Please contact us for exact price on your departure date.

* Since Lhasa-Shigatse is the only train route in Tibet, it is suggested to make your reservation as soon as possible.

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As the second largest city in Tibet, Shigatse is one of the top destinations in Tibet. Since 2014 when Lhasa-Shigatse Railway was open for operation as an extension of Qinghai-Tibet Railway, tourists are offered more choices to get from Lhasa to Shigatse. The railway line covers 248 kilometers. Every day, 2 Lhasa- Shigatse trains run on the track for arrival and departure. With no more than 3 hours, passengers can reach their destinations to Lhasa or Shigatse, making it a convenient gateway on the plateau.

Lhasa to Shigatse Train Schedule

There are two pairs of scheduled trains running between Lhasa and Shigatse. From Lhasa to Shigatse, one train departs in the morning at 08:00, the other in the afternoon at 13:30. For the return trip from Shigatse to Lhasa, trains depart respectively at 10:50 and 16:10.

Lhasa to Shigatse Trains Schedule

Train No.RouteDepartureArrivalDuration
C885 Lhasa - Shigatse 08:00 10:21 2h 21m
C887 Lhasa - Shigatse 13:30 15:50 2h 20m

Shigatse to Lhasa Trains Schedule

Train No.RouteDepartureArrivalDuration
C886 Shigatse - Lhasa 10:50 13:10 2h 20m
C888 Shigatse - Lhasa 16:10 18:30 2h 20m

What are the peak season and low season for Lhasa Shigatse train tours?

For most travelers traveling to Shigatse from Lhasa, the peak season starts with the summer months, from June to the end of September, and this is the main period when obtaining tickets can be harder. With both domestic and international tourists travelling to Tibet, the Tibet trains are often booked up well in advance during this time.

Besides the above two trains,C885 and C887, there are another two trains depart everyday seasonally: C921 and C923. The low season for travel to Tibet is normally from December to February, at which time the Lhasa-Shigatse brand train No.C921 and No.C923 may bring to rest, and there are fewer tourists traveling to the plateau, which makes getting tickets much easier. This is also a good time for budget travelers to Lhasa and Shigatse, considering the lower prices on hotel bookings etc.

To take Lhasa to Shigatse Train or Shigatse to Lhasa Train?

To take Lhasa-Shigatse train or Shigatse-Lhasa train depends on your arrangement of schedule. If you have finished your tour in Lhasa and are about to heading to Shigatse, or continuing to Everest Base Camp or Ngari, you can take the train from Lhasa to Shigatse.

However, for first-time travelers to Tibet, we do not recommend you taking this newly-built train from Lhasa to Shigatse because it would be more rewarding if you travel to Shigatse by Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse Highway in which you can see Yamdrtso Lake, Karola Glacier, Gyantse Pelkor Monastery, etc. and enjoy the fascinating landscape along the way.

If you are returning from Shigatse, you can take the train back to Lhasa and proceed the local Lhasa sightseeing then. The train tour takes no more than 3 hours. Compared with highway tour, it will save you about 2 hours’ time.


It is best to make your reservation as early as possible, even if you take the train ride in low season, so that you can successfully book your preferred seat of your planned travel date.

Lhasa Shigatse Train Ticket

Business Class Ticket: 225 CNY

First Class Ticket: 103 CNY

Second Class Ticket: 64 CNY

Ticket Classes of Lhasa Shigatse Train

Usually, there are three types of Tibet train ticekts: Business Class ticket, First Class ticket and Second Class ticket. Ticket prices vary according to the different seat or berth type.

The Business Class on Tibet trains is provided with the best possible facilities onboard and could be the optimum choice for passengers caring about good privacy and a comfortable travel experience. The business class seats have more space and are not crowded. You can fold the seats flat and lie down comfortably on the seats to rest. It’s a row of seats on the two sides of the aisle. Every row of seats can hold 3 passengers.

While for budget travelers, the First Class on Tibet trains will be a good option, since it has a lower ticket price and also remains the comfort to some degree. It’s a long row of seats at the two sides of the aisle. Every row of seats can hold 4 passengers.

The second Class seat is the most economical type with the lowest price. It’s a long row of seats at the two sides of the aisle. Every row of seats can hold 5 passengers. Above the seats, there are luggage racks for you to store the luggage.


Though it is not a long journey between Lhasa and Shigatse, no more than 3 hours, it is still not recommended to take the second class tickets, because most local Tibetans choose to take the hard seat for the cheaper price. They always carry lots of luggage with them, so it is crowded in the hard seat cabin. For more comfort, you can book a first class train ticket or a business class train ticket.

Q: How to book the Lhasa Train Ticket online?

The Tibet train ticket can be booked on the Internet. As a better choice, you can book Lhasa Shigatse train ticket online with us. With professional and trustworthy services on Tibet train tours, we can help to get your ticket of your preferred travel date.

Q: Can I buy the train ticket at Lhasa Railway Station? What document do I need to provide?

Yes. Except from online booking, you can also buy your ticket to Shigatse at Lhasa Railway Station. You need to offer your passport and Tibet Travel Permit at the ticket window. And it’s advisable for you to buy it in advance in case of ticket shortage when departing.

Q: How to Collect the Lhasa Shigatse Train Ticket?

For tourists booking your Tibet train ticket with us, we will send the ticket to your address in mainland China. Or under some emergency cases, our staff will hand the train ticket to you at the railway station, before you board the train.

If you need to collect the ticket by yourself, you should go to the railway station in person. By showing your booking number, passport and Tibet travel permit, you can get your ticket from the train conductor. It is suggested to arrive in the station at least two hours earlier to reserve enough time to collect your ticket.

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Lhasa Shigatse Train Route

Lhasa to Shigatse Train Route Map

Lhasa to Shigatse Train Route Map

The intercity high-speed train from Lhasa to Shigatse, No.C885 and No.C887, were opened on June 25, 2021. It goes directly from Lhasa to Shigatse, passing through the Lhasa River and the Brahmaputra River. Along the Lhasa-Japan Railway, you can see the beautiful Lhasa River and the endless Tibetan rural fields up close.

The Highlight on Lhasa Shigatse Train Route?

Yarlung Tsangpo River Valley
The train runs through the valley of Yarlung Tsangpo River that stretches as far as 90 miles, which brings the magnificent view of Yarlung Tsangpo River within your sight. Outside the window, the endless mountain ranges and the rushing Yarlung Tsangpo River, with fields at the river side form a special picture of one of the richest land of Tibet. In spring and summer, the crystal clear river reflects the green trees by the river, and everything looks so full of life. In the fall, the leaves and the straw in the Tibetan barley fields have turned golden, and the Yarlung Tsangpo Valley is filled with the joy of harvest and the warmth of satisfaction.

The Local Tibetans’ Life along the Railway
Not only the natural beauty you will enjoy on the Lhasa Shigatse train, but also the real life of the local Tibetans in the surrounding villages you can see on the train. You may see the local peasants sowing the seeds of Tibetan barley in spring and working hard to harvest in the field in autumn. The pastoral and farming scene along the railway line is another picturesque sight one couldn’t afford to miss. And the local villages, the typical Tibetan houses, the cars and vans running through the highway at the side of the railway all show you how the real life of the local Tibetan is.

Extension of Lhasa Shigatse Train

Lhasa to Shigatse Railway starts from Lhasa Railway Station and ends at Shigatse Railway Station, covering an overall length of 248 kilometers. It is an extension of Qinghai-Tibet Railway in Tibet and forms an important part of the Tibet Railway network. The whole railway lies at an altitude of 3600 to 4000 meters, almost half of which are bridges and tunnels.

Since the opening of the Lhasa to Shigatse Railway, the distance between Qinghai-Tibet Railway and the China-Nepal border becomes closer. Now, China is planing to build a China Nepal Railway, which extends Lhasa- Shigatse railway to Gyirong Pass on the China-Nepal border, and then to Katmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

At present, the Shigatse-Gyirong railway is under construction. After its completion, the Gyirong - Katmandu part of the railway will be put on the agenda. Hopefully, a “golden passage” will be created for land trade between China and South Asian countries.

About Lhasa Railway Station

Lhasa Railway Station is the largest station in Tibet, and the end of the line for the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. It is the station where all trains to Tibet end, and where your adventure in Tibet truly begins. The station is located in Liuwu New Area of southwest Lhasa, at an altitude of 3,641 meters. It’s 7 kilometers away from Potala Palace and linked to Lhasa city by the Liuwu Bridge, one of the landmark projects of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway which crosses the notable Lhasa River.

How to get to Lhasa Railway Station from Lhasa Gonggar Airport?

By Public Bus
Lhasa Gonggar Airport is about 52 kilometers from Lhasa Railway Station. You can take the Airport Express Bus, which takes 53 minutes and costs 30 yuan per person.

How to get to Lhasa Railway Station from Lhasa downtown?

By Taxi
Usually, it costs you about 38 CNY to get to the train station from Lhasa downtown by metered taxi. Compared with public bus, it spends shorter time, only 30 minutes. In the peak tourism season, it could be harder to hail a taxi and you can carpool with others, paying 15-20 yuan per person.

By Public Bus
You can take bus No. 1 and No. 14 from the city to Lhasa Railway Station. The buses in Lhasa City cost one yuan per person.

About Shigatse Railway Station

Shigatse Railway Station is the final station of Lhasa-Shigatse Railway. It was officially open for operation on August 15th, 2014 with the opening of Lhasa-Shigatse Railway. It is located in Zhandui Village of Jiacuoxiong Township, about 5 kilometers away from the downtown of Shigatse and 248 kilometers away from Lhasa Railway Station. The station is a two-story building able to hold 300 people at the same time, which offers great convenience for locals and tourists to travel between Shigatse and Lhasa.

Shigatse City Map

Shigatse City Map with Major Attractions

How far is the railway station from Shigatse Downtown?

Located 8 kilometers away, Shigatse Railway Station is near to Shigatse downtown. Travelers going to Shigatse downtown can find convenient transportation from Shigatse station. You can take Metro Line 2, Bus 7, Bus 4 or Bus 8 to arrive downtown directly, and it takes around 40 minutes. Ticket price is only 2 CNY per person. Or you can also take a taxi. With the cost around CNY18, it spends only 17 minutes to arrive.

How far is Shigatse Railway Station from Tashilhunpo Monastery?

The celebrated Tashilhunpo Monastery is the residence of the successive Panchen Lamas. It is a dream of many Tibetan Buddhists to visit the Tashilhunpo Monastery in Shigatse, as well as the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple in Lhasa. The opening of Lhasa Shigatse train not only enables worshipers to complete the long-cherished dream but also gives more chances to ordinary tourists to appreciate this holy architecture of Tibetan Buddhism.

Tashilunpo Monastery is located at the foothill of Niseri Mountain in Shigatse. After reach Shigatse Railway Station, tourists can get to the monastery by taxi. It takes around 20 minutes with a distance about 8 km. City buses are also provided for the transfer from Shigatse railway station to Tashilhunpo Monastery, but it takes longer time, about 1 hour or so. So it’s advisable for first-time travelers to take a taxi to Tashilunpo from the railway station.

How to continue trip to EBC from Shigatse Railway Station?

Most of the tourists to Shigatse will take Everest Base Camp as their final destination. The Everest Base Camp is one of the best locations to appreciate and photograph the magnificent view of world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. It is located about 300 kilometers to the southwest of Shigatse city.

At present, there is no railway connection from Shigatse to EBC. So you can only go there by road. For an Everest Base Camp tour, we recommend you to stay in Shigatse for a day after arriving in Shigatse railway station and have a good rest. On the next day, you can charter a car or choose carpooling and drive to Tingri, a county very close to EBC.

On the way, most part of the road is asphalted, but some is dirt. There are some steep and winding ascents and descents. After a short break in Tingri, continuing along the new zigzag road to Everest Base Camp and get closer to Mt. Everest peak. The whole trip will take about 8 hours. Along the way, we will pass over Tsola Pass(4600M), and Gyatsola Pass(5248M). When reaching Kyawula Pass(5180m), you can view the panorama of Himalaya.

As you get off at the base camp, you will need to take the shuttle bus or walk to the viewing point. At night, stay in Rongpuk Guest House or EBC tented house and catch the beautiful sunrise of Everest Peak the next morning if whether permits. After that, drive back to Shigatse.

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