Tibet Winter Tour: Travel Tibet in Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb.

More and more of our tourists choose to travel Tibet in winter (late Nov - Feb).

Situated at a low latitude (29°North), the winter in Tibet is not as cold you imagine. In Lhasa, the average sunshine time in winter is around 9 hours per day, warmer than Beijing. In the night, you won’t feel freezing cold thanks to the heating system of the hotels we selected for you. Winter is the best season to view the clear blue sky and snow-capped mountains which are blocked by the wet air in monsoon season. It is also the unique time to watch the graceful black-necked cranes.

With less tourists, you can explore this mysterious land at your own pace. Since there are more pilgrims visiting Lhasa from other regions and many important festivals during this period, you can find a more authentic Tibet and celebrate the festivals with local Tibetans in winter.

What’s more, as hotels and airlines companies have decreased the price, it is economical for you to travel Tibet in winter. Contact us to customize a Tibet tour to feel the sacred land authentically, enjoy the stunning scenery leisurely, and save money during the winter.

Most Recommended Tibet Small Group Tours Available in Winter

Our small group tours cover the accessible and most popular routes in winter. Besides basking in the warm sunshine in Lhasa, you can also visit Yamdrok Lake, Gyangtse, Shigatse, Everest Camp Base and Kathmandu with us in winter. With more than ten-year experience in Tibet traveling, we will arrange an impressive and memorable Tibet winter tour for you.

Most Recommended Tibet Winter Theme Tours

Besides visiting the most popular attractions, you can feel Tibetan winter more deeply and authentically by joining the theme tours. You can involve yourself into the festivals, watch the graceful black-necked cranes, bathe in Terdrom Hot Spring, getting more close to the culture and nature of Tibet.

  • 4 Days Lhasa and Tsongkhapa Butter Lamp Festival Tour
    4 Days Lhasa and Tsongkhapa Butter Lamp Festival Tour


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  • 5 Days Lhasa and Black-Necked Crane Watching Tour in Winter
    5 Days Lhasa and Black-Necked Crane Watching Tour in Winter

    Lhasa - Linzhou County - Lhasa

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  • 5 Days Lhasa Yamdrok Lake Winter Tour
    5 Days Lhasa Yamdrok Lake Winter Tour

    Lhasa - Yamdrok Lake - Lhasa

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  • 6 Days Lhasa and Terdrom Hot Spring Tour
    6 Days Lhasa and Terdrom Hot Spring Winter Tour

    Lhasa - Terdrom Hot Spring - Lhasa

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  • 7 Days Lhasa Nyingchi Winter Tour
    7 Days Lhasa Nyingchi Winter Tour

    Lhasa - Nyingchi

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  • 7 Days Lhasa to Shigatse Tibetan New Year Tour
    7 Days Lhasa to Shigatse Tibetan New Year Tour


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Tibet Winter Tour FAQs

  • Is winter in Tibet too cold?

    As a matter of fact, winter in Tibet is not as cold as most people presume. With the temperature in most parts of the tourism zones ranging from -10°C to 10°C, it is warm with ample sunlight. The best time to tour Tibet in winter is from November to February in next year.

  • What is the temperature in Lhasa in winter?

    It should be remembered that Lhasa is at a low latitude (29 ° north) and it is not as cold as many people image. Being that the air is dry, the cold is usually bearable. What’s more, the sun in Lhasa, the city of sunlight, is quite strong even in winter.

    Here are the average temperature in the winter of Lhasa:
    Nov: -5°C to 11°C
    Dec: -9°C to 8°C
    Jan: -10°C to 7°C
    Feb: -7°C to 9°C

  • Is it cheaper to visit Tibet in winter?

    Yes, the winter travel is cheaper. Hotels are cheaper due to the decreased demand, some attractions reduce or waive the admission fee, flight tickets also become more affordable in winter except for the Spring Festival period. 
    What’s more, with fewer tourists, it is much easier to get travel permits and to book flight and train tickets.

  • What to pack for a Tibet winter tour?

    Please bring warm clothes, a fleece, a hat, gloves, and a parka.
    In the north and at the highest elevations, bring clothes for the big cold, synthetic thermal long underwear, a parka, a Gore-Tex jacket, gloves, a hat, and a scarf.
    Tibet winter temperature has considerable variations between night and day due to the strong solar radiation that is typical of high altitudes, you should be ready to take off the outer layer during the day.

  • Can we visit Mount Kailash and Namtso Lake in winter?

    Mount Kailash and Namtso Lake are not good destinations for winter travel due to bitter cold and road conditions. Take Namtso Lake for example, not only are the roads to Namtso Lake closed but also the lake is frozen, so the views are not that great. However, you can still visit Yamdrok Lake instead. Situated at a lower latitude, Yamdrok Lake is not as cold and frozen as Namtso Lake.

  • Do you provide telescope for the black-necked crane watching tour?

    Regretfully, we do not provide telescope service at present. You can bring the device with you to Tibet, or you can buy it in Tibet.

  • Does bathing in hot springs lead to high altitude sickness?

    Theoretically, bathing in hot springs will speed up blood circulation and consume more oxygen. However, it is also an important traditional Tibetan therapeutic method and is very popular among local Tibetans.
    It is advised not to bathe for hours for one time. Bathe for 10 - 15 minutes, climb up for a rest and bathe again if you feel comfortable. Don't forget to drink some warm water and take a good rest after bathing.

  • Should I skip EBC in my winter itinerary?

    You can visit the Everest Base Camp in winter. The daytime is not as cold as many people presume, just the night around the EBC area is chilly. So you'd better bring enough clothes to warm yourself.
    The sky is clear blue in winter, making it the best time to view Everest and mountains in the distance.

  • Can we celebrate the 2024 Tibetan New Year during the winter tour?

    Losar, the Tibetan New Year, which is on the 1st day of the 1st month in the Tibetan calendar, falls on Feb. 10 2024.
    This is the most important and largest festival in Tibet, celebration starts from around two weeks before the New Year and lasts for about fifteen days. It is probable for you to celebrate the Tibetan New Year during the winter tour if you depart in advance.

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