2023/2024 Bhutan Tour: Best Tour Packages to Bhutan and Surrouding Himalaya Destinations

Bhutan, the tiny Himalaya Kingdom, is praised as the country of gross happiness. The simple life and sacred belief of the local people show you how the Shangri-la really is, with a traditional way of life that is still preserved in this time. At the foot of the Himalaya, Bhutan is also a good trekking destination offering kinds of trekking trails to explore the greatest mountain in the world.

Popular Bhutan Tours

Bhutan offers much to explore, such as the culture, the nature, the religion, and the people. For your first time in Bhutan, we hand-picked the most classic and popular tours in Bhutan to show you the best in one go. No matter you just want a glimpse of this charming Kingdom or seek for an in-depth travel to its soul, our Bhutan tour packages will meet your needs.

More Bhutan Tours with Nepal, Tibet and India

We also provide Bhutan tours with the journey to neighbouring destinations, like Nepal, Tibet, and India. All of our travel itineraries are well-designed by local travel experts, which take you to explore these destinations in a fluent way. Guided by local travel guide, you will know better about your destinations. And for all of our Bhutan tours to Tibet, the Tibet Travel Permit application service is included. A real hassle-free journey to South Asia and the Himalaya region is just right here.

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