Tibet Train Sleeper: The Soft-berth Cabin and the Hard-berth Cabin on Tibet Trains

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Since the Tibet train journey is not short, even more than 50 hours (from Guangzhou to Lhasa), where to live and how about the sleeper cabins onboard are always the most important things that tourists want to know. You may have a general idea about the Soft sleeper and Hard Sleeper on Tibet trains, but need more details to make your choice.

What’s the difference among them and how to make my choice?

As the expert on Tibet trains, we can help you to learn the details of the real cabins onboard before you get on the train so that you can choose your favorite cabin much easier and enjoy a more comfortable train journey to Tibet.

The 4 Biggest Differences between Soft-Sleeper Cabins and Hard-sleeper Cabins

Generally, there are the 4 biggest differences between the soft sleeper cabin and the hard sleeper cabin on Tibet trains. Focusing on these 4 points, you can easily choose the one that suits your needs.

  • Number of Berths

    Soft-sleeper Berths
    32 in total

    Hard-sleeper Berths
    480 in total

  • Berth Size

    Soft-sleeper Berths
    85*200 cm

    Hard-sleeper Berths
    60*180 cm

  • Privacy

    Soft-sleeper Berths
    The compartment door can be close for a private cabin.

    Hard-sleeper Berths
    Half-opened without any door

  • Ticket Price

    Soft-sleeper cabins are the first class on Tibet trains. For the same route, the price of soft-sleeper is higher than the price of hard-sleeper tickets.

Detailed Comparasion between Soft Sleeper and Hard Sleeper on Tibet Trains


The soft sleeper cabin is the first-class sleeping cabin on Tibet trains.

There are four soft sleeping berths in each soft sleeper cabin. Near each berth, there is a separated oxygen outlets on the train walls. You can lay on the bed while using it.

In each soft sleeper cabin, there is a private table with a bottle. Under the table, there is a power outlet, which can be used to charge your mobile phone or laptops.

There is a door with a mirror on the back in each soft-sleeper cabin. You can close the cabin door for a private cabin.

However, there is no private bathroom in each soft sleeper compartment. The public bathroom is at the end of each coach.

Space Measurement of Soft Sleeping Berths on Tibet Trains

Measurement of Soft Sleeping Berth

Learn More about Soft-sleeper Cabins on Tibet Trains
  • soft berths on Tibet trains
  • the upper berth in soft cabin
  • the oxygen outlet in soft sleeper cabin


The hard sleeper cabin is the most general sleeping cabins on Tibet trains.

There are six hard sleeping berths in each hard sleeper cabin. In hard sleeper car, the separated oxygen outlets are on the wall next to the windows.

Beside every window on the alley, there is a small table with two chairs. Under some of the tables, there are power outlets.

The hard sleeper cabin is half-opened without any cabin door. So it is noisier when the hard sleeper car is full of passengers in peak season.

The public bathroom is at the end of each coach.

Space Measurement of Hard Sleeping Berths on Tibet Trains

Measurement of Hard Sleeping Berth

Learn More about Hard-sleeper Cabins on Tibet Trains
  • the hard sleeper corridor on Tibet trains
  • the hard sleepr berth on Tibet trains
  • another view of hard sleeper corridor on Tibet trains

The Ticket Price of Soft-sleeper and Hard-sleeper on Tibet Trains

The soft sleeper cabin is the first-class cabin on Tibet trains with the most expensive ticket price. Hard-sleepr cabins are the most popular cabins for its cheaper price. Though the ticket is sold by berth, you can book a whole soft sleeper cabin(not avaliable in peak season).

Here we offer you the price of cabins on popular train routes to Tibet from mainland China.

Tibet Train RouteSoft SleeperHard Sleeper
Beijing - Lhasa (Z21) CNY1144 CNY720
Shanghai - Lhasa (Z164) CNY1262.5 CNY793.5
Guangzhou - Lhasa (Z264) CNY1468 CNY865
Chengdu - Lhasa (Z322) CNY997.5 CNY627.5
Chonqing - Lhasa (Z223) CNY997.5 CNY627.5
Xi'an - Lhasa (Z265,Z165) CNY969.5 CNY611.5
Lanzhou - Lhasa (Z917) CNY823 CNY522

Please Note:

1. The above price is just for reference. Please contact us for exact Ticket price on your preferred departure date.

2. In peak season, it is hard to book a soft-sleeper berth, please make your reservation as early as possiple.

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How to Choose the Best Cabin for Your Tibet Train Tour?

Know the differences but still can’t make the choice? Please make sure what your key point is.

The price? The privacy? An authentic local train journey experience ...

We suggest those who want more private space to take a soft sleeper berth. For those who want a cheaper way to go, a hard-sleeper is the best choice.

In peak season, the train tickets are quite difficult to get, especially the soft sleeper berths. The worst choice is to take a hard seat from Xining or Golmud to Lhasa. However, a booking in advance will avoid this happened.

Please feel free to contact us. Tell us your travel plan and requirements, we will help you make the best choice of your Tibet tour and make your lifetime Tibet train journey come true.

Tell us your travel plan,
we will take care of the rest

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