How Much I Will Cost for Taking a Tibet Train in Total?

Last updated: September,22 2023

Known as the ‘Rocket of the roof of the world’, the Qinghai–Tibet Railway or the Tibet train offers a remarkable journey to the tourists. With the high quality characteristic features, absolute security and medical facilities, it offers a journey to the tourists worth remembering. The world’s highest railway having the maximum elevation of 5,068m, with a length of 1,956 km, passes through many long tunnels and charming scenic beauties, with a variety of range of mountains.

 Train to Tibet Train to Tibet

The Tibet trains are currently available from Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xining, Lanzhou and Chongqing to Lhasa. However in the future, its extension might be increased to as far as Zhangmu via Shigatse in the west and Dali via Nyingchi in the east.

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The Train Ticket Net Price (for Each Train)

Beijing-Lhasa Train

The Tibet train connecting Beijing to Lhasa was inaugurated on July, 2006. The name of the train is Z21 and the return train is named as Z22. The Z21 runs daily, from Beijing West Train Station. It leaves at 20:10 and arrives in Lhasa at 13:03, taking almost 40 hours and 10 minutes. The cost of this journey is approximately 1,144 CNY for soft-sleepers and 720 CNY for hard sleepers. The journey is remarkable with the view of the unique scenic beauty of Tibet.

 Beijing-Lhasa Train Beijing-Lhasa Train

Shanghai-Lhasa Train

The Tibet train is availed from Shanghai for the maximum times. The train from Shanghai to Lhasa is named as Z164. It departs from Shanghai daily at 20:10 and arrives at Lhasa almost at 19:44, taking about 47 hours and 34minutes. The return train is named as Z166. This train also has a regular frequency. The cost for this train also varies according to the class of coach. The soft-sleeper coaches cost about 1,263 CNY and the hard sleeper coaches cost about 794 CNY.

 Shanghai Railway Station Shanghai Railway Station

Chengdu-Lhasa Train

Chengdu is one of the most popular pathways to Tibet. This is also because of the fact that tickets for Tibet train are available easier form Chengdu than from Beijing or Shanghai. However the train does not depart daily from Chengdu station. It rather leaves every alternate day. The train from Chengdu to Lhasa is named as Z322 and the return train is known as Z324. The overall cost for the soft sleepers is 1,062 CNY and for the hard sleeper couches is 668 CNY.

 Chengdu Railway Station Chengdu Railway Station

Xining-Lhasa Train

The Qinghai-Tibet railway has, most popularly, the starting point from Xining. There are about nine different trains from Xining to Lhasa, which leaves daily. This shows that Xining has the largest frequency of Tibet train than in any other places. The trains leave at different times of the day, and takes almost 22hours to reach Lhasa. All of them, like Z223, Z323, Z6801, Z2917, Z21, Z9815, Z265, Z165, and Z6811 have the same costs for the soft-sleeper coaches and the hard sleeper coaches. The cost for the soft sleeper coaches is 781 CNY and that of the hard sleeper coaches is 495 CNY.

 Train from Xining to Lhasa Train from Xining to Lhasa

Guangzhou-Lhasa Train

Like the Beijing to Lhasa train, the Guangzhou to Lhasa train was also started in July, 2006. Visitors from Hong Kong and south China usually start their Tibet journey from this route. The name of the departing train is Z264 and the return train is named as Z266. The train takes almost 54 hours, starting from 11:45 at Guangzhou and arriving at Lhasa at 17:30. The cost of the soft-sleeper berth is 1,468 CNY and that of the hard sleeper coaches is around 865 CNY.

 Guangzhou Train Station Guangzhou Train Station

Chongqing-Lhasa Train

Like the Chengdu to Lhasa train, the train from Chongqing to Lhasa is available at every alternate day. The name of the departing train is Z223 and that of the departing train is Z224. The train takes almost 42 hours for the total journey. The cost for soft-sleeper coach is 1,079 CNY while the hard sleeper costs 680 CNY.

 Chongqing Railway Station Chongqing Railway Station

Lanzhou-Lhasa Train

The Lanzhou to Tibet train has also a great demand. Lanzhou was the first main stop of the Qinghai-Tibet railway. The train takes almost 25 hours to reach Lhasa. The cost for the soft-sleeper coaches is 823 CNY and that of the hard sleeper coaches cost 522 CNY. The trains have a great frequency.

 Lanzhou Railway Station Lanzhou Railway Station

The costs of all these trains are the near most values of the tickets which are subject to change. For the final cost, it is always better to contact the tourism office or check the different websites. Check Tibet train schedule and fares in 2024

The Commission Fee during the High Season

The cost of the Tibet train varies a great deal, mostly depending upon the seasons and the circumstances. During high seasons when catering to the demands of the tickets becomes next to impossible, the Tibet train starts taking commission. As a result the price of the ticket goes up. The commission is usually 400-800 CNY.

During summer seasons and Chinese holidays, the tourists usually witness a hike in the net price. The increase takes place in food materials also, though the hike is only 10-20 CNY per food and drink. Therefore during summer or festival seasons, the average price of the soft sleeper coaches of Tibet train might rise up to 1,900 CNY and that of the hard-sleeper coaches might rise to 1,200 CNY.

The Cost of Meals on Train

The Qinghai-Tibet train is well known for its remarkable food facilities and a well-packed dining cart. A lavish dining room is present where the customers can enjoy their meals while witnessing the rich beauty of scenic charm of Tibet.

 Dining room Dining room on Tibet Train

The breakfast is nutritious containing eggs, pickles, bread and milk, costing 25 CNY. The average bill for two people is 100 CNY. The noodles are also there varying from Snow noodles, Beef noodles, steak noodles and so on. There are 8 Tibetan meals, 55 cold dishes, 32 ordinary dishes and 8 soup meals. The stewed yak with Crassulaceae at 25CNY, turnip and carrot yak at 28CNY and Ginseng salad at 18CNY are available in the train.

 Tasty food served on Tibet Train Tasty food served on Tibet Train

Besides, there is food carried by a handling cart. All the food on the cart is Chinese style such as fried pork and vegetables are usually sold at 20 CNY. A lunch or supper package includes three dishes in Chinese style that cost about 20 to 50 CNY. The cart is packed with many types of beverages, drinks. The price for set meals is around 25 CNY. Food on the train, however, is expensive when compared to the city prices.

The Personal Cost like Buying Snack on Board

Every item on the food cart costs between 40 to 60 CNY on the Tibet train. While the meat dishes cost around 40 CNY, the vegetable dishes cost around 20 CNY. Even the drinks have a higher cost, ranging almost to 70 to 80 CNY and sometimes even 100 CNY. Therefore the cost of anything bought on board, depends upon the type of the food material it is. There is even a rule that the dining space during the free time or in between meal time can be availed only if a food item is bought. This in a way increases the business of the dining cart of Tibet train.

Buying food from the vendors in the station is also a good option. The vendors usually sell packed foods like crispy potatoes, noodle cups, chicken feet with pickled peppers and even basics like bread and milk. The cost is much lesser compared to the train prices. It costs maximum 15 CNY. Thus carrying self-cooked food or buying from the vendors are good options if there is a notion of saving money.

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