Tibet Train Video - The Real Experience on Tibet Train

Last updated: September,04 2019

The real videos, taken on the Tibet train journey, show you the facts about Tibet train and Tibet railway. Let's watch our videos of Tibet train experience to know more about how the life is onboard the Lhasa Express train and what to see during your journey by train to Tibet.

Video of Qinghai-Tibet Railway Scenery

Landscape along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway (Shot in Winter, 2015)

Videos of Soft Sleeper on Tibet Train

What is the soft sleeper cabin look like on Tibet trains? Where to store my luggage in a soft sleeper compartment? If you have these questions and want to see more details about the soft sleeper cabin on Tibt train, please watch the following videos that shot on a Tibet train.

Basic Equipment of Soft-sleeper on Tibet Train

How to Store Your Luggage in Soft-sleeper Cabin on Tibet Trains

More Videos of Tibet Train Experience

Besides where to live, what to eat is also one of the frequent asked questions from our clients when they planning to take a Tibet train tour. Here we offer you a video introduction of the dining car on Tibet trains and the meals onboard.

If you meet any questions or need help onboard, you can go to the crew cabin and ask the attendants for help.

Dining and Meals on Tibet Train

Crew Cabin on Tibet train

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