Different Scenery for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter when Taking Tibet Train

Last updated: August,24 2019

Tibet is surrounded by an aura of mystery and it adds a special glamour to this amazing tourist destination. There are heavenly sights everywhere, whether you take a cycle ride or you travel by a train. The railway sector got a significant boost recently and this marvel of modern engineering will give you a world-class experience. As the earth dances to the tunes of the different seasons, Tibet gets coloured in a different hue. From spring to summer and the glorious winter, Tibet’s beauty will mesmerize you all throughout the year. If you are thinking about travelling by a Tibet train, you should have a complete understanding of the natural scenery that you will witness. This country is a delight for a hardcore traveller and you will witness no obstacles other than the climate.

Why is Tibet Train Special?

Modern transportation is absolutely amazing and it has eased a whole lot of things. Travellers can either choose the appealing aerial route or they can choose the comfortable train journey. Flights can take you to your destination quickly, but trains offer a completely different experience. The landscape will change in front of your own eyes and it can prove to be a joyous ride. The plateau is not only scenic, but the connectivity is quite strong. Tibet train maintains a great deal of punctuality and the travellers feel no hassles at all. High above the ground is Tibet and the altitude change can be witnessed in a memorable journey. This challenge was taken by the talented engineers and they made it possible. The journey can be taken at any month and the respective season will give you something to cheer about.

 Tibetan Railway Bridge Built on the PermafrostTibetan Railway Bridge Built on the Permafrost

The mountains stand in the background, as the speedy train spears through the permafrost. The tracks are long and they pass through villages, lakes and grasslands. It is incredible, how this beautiful rail track was made so efficiently. This is all about the special features of the railway network, but the train itself has some great features to offer. Tibet Train boasts of its comfortable facilities and passengers will never feel the pressure of long distance travel. They are presented with comfortable coaches, which make the ride comfortable and easy. The berths are divided into different types and you can choose the one, you like the most. The food that is supplied can give a special treat to your taste buds and the dishes are prepared with utmost care. Look through the window and you will how beautiful nature can be. Get into the details and know what to expect each season.

a. What is spring scenery like when taking a Tibet train?

Very few Tibet tours are taken in spring and this is definitely not Tibet’s peak season. But many people choose this time, as it gets warmer and naturally more comfortable. Passengers will see something amazing if they take a peek into Tibet’s beauty. The plants present in the plateau gets refreshed with the arrival of this season and it’s not so chilly anymore. The snow-capped peaks look amazing during this time and some amazing train tours can be taken. The snow remains in the mountain and it stays on till summer. The famous Nyingchi Prefecture comes into view and in spring it looks amazing. During spring, the lakes look marvellous too and they are just too scenic. Every region becomes fascinating and the onlookers view something spectacular each moment.

Tibet Nyingchi Prefecture in SpringTibet Nyingchi Prefecture in Spring

b. What is summer scenery like when taking a Tibet train?

Travellers are bound to get a completely different experience, if they just change the time of travelling. Summers are great in Tibet and quite naturally, the sceneries change with it. A different world is present outside the window and this is as fabulous as it gets. The mornings are the most amazing and as sunlight falls on the plateau, the highland becomes completely different. While travelling in Tibet Train, the famous nature reserve of Hoh Xil is the most noticeable. It shows an elevation of 5000m and the cold winter stays here almost always. The lakes look perfect in summer and the ice from the mountains start to melt. The white clouds are seen in the reflection and the clear blue sky looks heavenly. This calming environment will give you a soothing feeling and the natural scenery will help you find peace with life.

Nature Reserve of Hoh Xil in Summer Nature Reserve of Hoh Xil in Summer

The passengers are also different and during summers curious travellers are spotted. In the time span between May-October, the demand is very high and the availability is low. At one point, the train goes through Tanggula Mountains and the roads are blocked here, due to heavy snow. Summer scenery mainly consists of a lively atmosphere, filled with greenery and the wildlife brimming with life. Tibet resembles a perfect oil painting during this time.

c. What is autumn scenery like when taking Tibet train?

Only one word can describe Tibet’s autumn perfectly and that is enchanting. The colourful flowers inhabit the grasslands and the mountains dawn an aura of perfection. It is delightfully fantastic and the speed of the train makes it even more attractive. The weather is extremely comfortable and it will not be too chilly. The prayer flags fly above the monasteries and the sunlit peaks create a dreamscape. Wildlife thrives in autumn and it can be seen easily. From different birds to wild animals, every living creature finds a different meaning of life. Some passes also fall in the way and the permafrost present is equally exciting. Tibet has many picturesque villages and when the train leaves them behind; your eyes can capture a frame to remember for years. Tuna Grassland is inhabited by beautiful horses and it can instantly carry you to a dream world, where everything is perfect. The tall mountains are always present and their beauty makes Tibet Train extra special.

Tibetan Autumn Scenery with Wild AnimalsTibetan Autumn Scenery with Wild Animals

d. What is winter scenery like when taking Tibet train?

Tibet’s winters are very harsh, but they offer an exciting ride to the travellers. The coldness grips the environment and everything becomes covered with snow. From the natural reserves to lakes, the chilly winds show their hostility and present a breathtaking view always. Tibet train passes through rivers, glaciers, plateau regions, passes and amazingly high mountain regions. Winter scenery is majestic and it is quite vivid too. The folk houses fit perfectly with the entire scene and the tiny prayer flags add the right amount of spirituality to the air. The cold atmosphere doesn’t make the lands lonely, but the uniqueness is increased. Tibetan antelope, wild donkeys and yaks can be seen in the grasslands and natural reserves. The rivers totally freeze up and mountains are covered by a snow blanket. Winter’s snow is different from the other seasons and it is much harder in nature. Qinghai Lake looks beautiful in snow and Nagqu offers an adventurous ride.

Qinghai Lake in WinterQinghai Lake in Winter

Tibet is scenic in every season, travellers just have to pick the season they are most comfortable in. Tibet’s railways experience is one to remember for years and each aspect of this ride is brilliant. From the comfortability aspect to the breathtaking natural beauty, you surely have to experience this once in your lifetime.

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