Shanghai Tibet Tours by Train

If you are planning to travel to Tibet from Shanghai and are interested in a Tibet train journey, we highly recommend our Tibet tours from Shanghai by train. All of the itineraries are specially designed by local travel experts, covering the most popular attractions of Tibet and an unforgettable train journey by Shanghai to Lhasa train.

Not only will you indulge yourself in the mysterious and fascinating land of Tibet, but also enjoy an amazing train experience along the world-famous Qinghai-Tibet Railway. You can also extend your Shanghai Tibet train tour to more highlighted cities in China, and even to Nepal, to discover these different destinations all in one go.

All the Shanghai Tibet Train tour packages below include train tickets to Lhasa from Shanghai, as we as your Tibet Travel Permit, with flexible departure dates and private vehicles according to your requirement. You can also contact us to customize your Tibet tour from Shanghai by train.

Popular Shanghai Tibet Train Tour Packages

We offer worry-free Shanghai Tibet tour packages with 100% guaranteed train tickets to Tibet. You don’t need to concern about getting the Tibet train ticket and Tibet travel permit since we will handle everything for you. All you need to do is enjoy your lifetime journey to Tibet from Shanghai.

Recommended China Tibet Train Tours from Shanghai

In addition to Tibet tours, we also provide China Tibet train tours from Shanghai. If it is your first time to visit China, these Shanghai Tibet tours could be the best choice for you to cover the most popular highlights across this country. From prestigious historical culture relics to unparalleled natural landscape, there is always something that can impress you with our well-design trips.

Shanghai Tibet Nepal Tours with Tibet Train Experience

Join in our most popular Tibet to Nepal overland tour with Tibet train experience from Shanghai to experience an expeditionary journey to these unique destinations.

Shanghai Tibet Train Tour FAQs

  • How to book a Shanghai Lhasa train ticket?

    At present, foreign tourists can book the Shanghai Lhasa train ticket online or through a ticket window of Shanghai Railway Station. To avoid the long queue of crowds and embarrassed situation of language barrier when buying tickets at the train station, it is recommended to book your Tibet train ticket online. Since Shanghai to Lhasa train is one of the most popular train routes to Tibet and the tickets are always in high demand, you should make your reservation as early as possible. Besides, you need to get the Tibet Travel Permit before starting your Shanghai to Lhasa train tour, as you will not be allowed to board the train without it.

  • How long does it take to travel from Shanghai to Lhasa by train?

    The Shanghai Lhasa train (No. Z164) normally takes about 47 hours from Shanghai to Lhasa. It is scheduled to depart daily from Shanghai Railway Station at 20:08 and arrive at Lhasa Railway Station at 19:35 on the third day. So if you plan to join in a group tour in Tibet, you need to take the train from Shanghai to Lhasa at least 2 days before the fixed departure date of your group tour.

  • Where is Shanghai Railway Station and how to get there?

    Among all the railway stations in Shanghai, Shanghai Railway Station is the only one that offers Tibet train to Lhasa. It is located in Moling Road, Jing’an District, to the north of Shanghai city, only 6km from the Bund. Currently tourists can take Metro Line 1, Line 3 and Line 4 to directly get to Shanghai Railway Station from the downtown. If you go to the train station by taxi, it will take about one hour from Pudong airport, and half an hour from Hongqiao International Airport.

  • Can I shorten the train ride from Shanghai to Tibet?

    The best way to shorten your train journey from Shanghai to Tibet is to firstly fly to Xining and then take a train to Lhasa from there. The flight from Shanghai to Xining only takes about 3.5 hours. And Xining offers the shortest train ride to Lhasa from mainland China, which takes only about 21 hours. By this way, you can save much time on the journey from Shanghai to Tibet, and enjoy a Tibet train ride along the famous Qinghai-Tibet Railway at the same time. Besides, since every train to Lhasa will stop in Xining, you will have more chance to get a Tibet train ticket of your scheduled departure date.

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