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A China Tibet Yangtze tour could be one of the most thrilling experiences on the planet, during which you can climb up to the rood of the world, tour across the world’s highest plateau, cruise along the third longest river in the world and explore one of the most ancient civilizations in the world.

Taking a cruise along the Yangtze River as part of your China and Tibet trip is one of the most beautiful ways to spend time in China before or after traveling to the plateau region. It is also a stark contrast to the way of life of the Tibetan villagers that you will encounter on the plateau.

Here we offer you the most recommended China Tibet tours with a relaxing Yangtze River cruise onboard a luxury cruise ship with ultimate guide on how to plan your China Tibet Yangtze cruise tour.

Recommended China Tibet Yangtze Tours

Our hand-picked popular China Tibet tours with a luxury Yangtze River cruise take you to explore the mysterious oriental land deep. An adventure to the Tibet plateau together with a relaxing Yangtze cruise could be a lifetime experience that you can never find in other places on the planet.

Besides the customized tour itineraries, all of our China Tibet Yangtze tour packages include the essential travel documents application services with the Tibet flight/train ticket and the Yangtze cruise ship ticket. A truly worry-free China Tibet Yangtze tour is waiting for you.

About Yangtze River Cruise

What is a Yangtze River Cruise?

A Yangtze River Cruise is one of the most relaxing cruises you can find, which takes you along one of the world’s longest and most famous rivers, the Yangtze River. The Yangtze cruises usually run between Chongqing and Yichang, an area of the river that is one of the most attractive in China. With the stunning sights of the Three Gorges, Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge, and Xiling Gorge; the Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest dam and a massive hydroelectric project that spans the mighty river with its five-level ship lock; and the traditional cultures of the people that live in the villages that lie on the riverside, there is no better way to explore the Yangtze River.

How to Choose a Yangtze Cruise Ship?

There is a wide variety of luxury Yangtze cruise ships to choose from, such as Victoria Cruises, New Century Cruises, Yangtze Gold Cruises, President Cruises, Changjiang Cruises, and the Yangtze Explorer Cruises.

These cruise ships are different in the cabin size, shore excursions, onboard activities, etc. Please feel free to contact us and tell us your detailed requirements, such as your preferred cruise date, cruise route and so on. Our travel expert will help you narrow down your choices and recommend the one that best suits your needs.

What to Experience during the Yangtze River Cruise?

Life on board the cruise ships is the height of luxury, complete with a welcome dinner for all guests, hosted by the ship’s captain, as well as plenty of things to do while on board, and ending with a last-night party. All cruises have excellent service to make your stay on board the best possible.

While on board, between excursions to the various sites, you can learn to play Mahjong, the ancient Chinese tile game, learn and practice Tai Chi to help with health and fitness, and enjoy the wealth of Chinese cultural performances that you can find on board daily. And when the sun goes down, the cruises have nightlife that includes live folk performances, fashion shows, comedians, and several different themed bars and cocktail lounges for you to relax in.

The outside activities, which are shore excursions to popular sites along the river include trips to the Fengdu Ghost City, the Shibaozhai Pagoda, the White Emperor City at Fengjie, and the amazing Three Gorges and three Gorges Dam, an area of the Yangtze that has been constructed as the largest dam in the world and one of the biggest hydropower projects in history.

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Frequently Asked Questions about China Tibet Yangtze Tour

  • 1. What are the Required Travel Documents for a China Tibet Yangtze Tour?

    Traveling to China and Tibet together means that you will need to have the right documents to travel into the country. The first thing you will need is your Chinese Entry Visa, without which none of this would be possible.

    China does not have a Visa on Arrival policy, so you will need to apply for your visa from an Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, which usually takes around three working days to process.

    You will need to have a valid passport, two passport-sized photos, the completed application form, proof of onward travel out of China, proof of your hotel booking in China, and the relevant fee. Some nationals also have to provide proof of ability to fund their stay in China. It is also essential that you do not mention Tibet in your visa application itinerary, as this can cause problems.

    Once you have the visa for China, then you can book the tour in Tibet and we can make the application for the Tibet Travel Permit. Required for entering and travelling in Tibet, the Tibet Travel Permit is the most essential document for all Tibet tours, as you cannot even board the train or flight to Lhasa without it.

    Moreover, it cannot be applied for in person, and only travelers with a pre-booked tour with a registered tour operator can obtain one. Once your Tibet tour is booked, we will use scanned copies of your passport and visa to make the application on your behalf.

    The processing of Tibet Travel Permit application can take up to 20 days, but often takes less time than that, and once we have received the permit from the Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa we will forward it to your hotel in China.

    Tibet Permit for Shanghai Tibet Tour
  • 2. When is the best time to take a China Tibet Tour with a Yangtze River Cruise?

    Spring and autumn are the main seasons for Yangtze River cruises, as the weather is pleasant and not too hot or cold, and the skies are clear with bright sun most of the time. The best months to take a Yangtze River cruise are from April to May and September to October, which are also the best months to visit Tibet and mainland China.

    The summer is one of the middle seasons for cruises on the Yangtze, and the weather is hot with high chances of rainfall. It is also the summer break for schools, and the cruises get very busy with families. Also, the summer holiday is a peak season of most China Tibet tours. When you take your journey during these summer months, the cost of your China Tibet Yangtze tour may be higher than other months.

    Winter is possible for a Yangtze cruise, despite the colder weather of the season. It is also the best time to visit Tibet and mainland China at a lower price for winter is the low season in China. If you like to experience the gorges, the river has lower water levels in winter, making the gorges appear to be higher.

    Best Time to Take a Yangtze Cruise
  • 3. Why Choose Us for your China Tibet Yangtze Tour?

    We have a wide number of cruise and tour combinations for your consideration, and our professional advisors can help you to decide on which you would like to take. Our complete service gives you a wide range of things, including your Tibet Travel Permit application, which will be made on your behalf once your tour of Tibet is booked.

    We can also help with your itinerary in both Tibet and mainland China, arranging the transportation during your stay in China, as well as all of your requirements for the Tibet tour, from transport and hotels to the guide, driver, private vehicle, and attraction tickets.

    We can also book your train tickets to Tibet, so that you can be guaranteed to get the train travel dates you prefer. All Tibet trains open for ticket sales 60 days before departure, and in the peak months, can sell out within a few days. Our service guarantees your ticket is waiting for you at the station when you arrive.

    Our combined cruise tour service also means that we will secure the ticket for the cruise of your choice, on the dates that you want to travel, and coordinate your cruise with the dates you will be traveling to Tibet, so that you do not have to plan the itinerary yourself. We can offer you a wide range of hotels in both China and Tibet, ranging from five-star luxury hotels to basic guesthouse accommodation, based on your requirements.

    And, if you have a certain set of requirements for your cruise tour, we can customize the entire itinerary to allow you to travel to the places you want to go to, when you want to go there. Our China Tibet Yangtze tours are flexible and easily customized, to ensure you get the best holiday experience possible.

    Take Your China Tibet Tour with Us

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