Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit: What is Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit and How to Get It?

Last updated: November,29 2018

Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit, shortly as TTB permit, actually is the Tibet Travel Permit. It is one of the most important travel documents for all trips to Tibet.

Without the Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit, international travelers cannot enter Tibet, even board the flight or train to Tibet.

Issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa, the TTB Permit can be only applied through a local travel agency. And the Tibet Tourism Bureau doesn’t accept individual applications.

For tourists offering the TTB permit, the first thing to do is to find a reliable travel agency and confirm a Tibet tour with the agency, so that your agency can go on to apply for the permit on your behalf.

Besides the Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit, there are some extra travel permits required for trips in Tibet, especially some remote areas, such as Mount Everest and Mount Kailash.

To make your trip go smoothly, it is recommended to plan your Tibet tour in advance, so that you can have enough time to figure out all the related information about the permit application.

Here in this guideline, we will introduce the details of Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit, and reveal the secret of the latest Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit application. So check the details information and contact us to learn more before you start your tour in Tibet.


    What is Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit

    About TTB Permit

    The TTB Permit (Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit) gets its name because it is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa. A more common name of it is Tibet Travel Permit or Tibet Entry Permit, which is an indispensable document that every foreign traveler should obtain before entering Tibet.

    Tibet Tourism Bureau PermitTibet Tourism Bureau Permit is also known as Tibet Travel Permit or Tibet Entry Permit.

    If you are going to take a flight to Tibet, you will need to show this permit when you check in at the airport of the departure city. Also, the permit will be checked before you are allowed to board the Tibet train.

    About Tibet Tourism Bureau

    Located at No.3 Luobulinka Rd, Chengguan District of Lhasa city, Tibet Tourism Bureau is a local administration of Tibet Autonomous Region in China.

    As a functional government department managing the tourism industry of Tibet, the main duties of Tibet Tourism Bureau is to develop and utilize tourism resources, supervise and manage the region's international and domestic travel agency, and handle and issue the local tourist visa for tourists etc.

    The Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa is the only option to get the TTB permit for foreign travelers, although it has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other cities in mainland China.

    But it doesn’t means you need to go to the bureau yourself. Just contact a local travel agency online to do the application for you is the most convenient way.

    How to Apply for TTB Permit through Tibet Tourism Bureau

    #1 Find a Reliable Travel Agency

    Since Tibet Tourism Bureau does not issue permits to individuals, the TTB Permit can only be applied through a local travel agency that is registered at Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa.

    One thing you need to bear in mind is that no travel agency offers Permit-Only service. You need to book Tibet tour service, such as the local guide and the driver arrangement, the hotel booking, etc. with the agency, so that they will apply for the permit on your behalf.

    Therefore, the first thing you need to do when plan your Tibet tour is to find a trustworthy and experienced local travel agency to apply for the TTB permit on your behalf and arrange the tour itinerary for you as well.

    #2 Confirm Your Travel Itinerary

    Once you choose your travel agency, you are going to arrange your Tibet tour with the agency. Since your enter city, and your destinations in Tibet will be mentioned on the permit, you need to confirm your travel itinerary first.

    Then, you book your tour with your travel agency and offer the copy of your passport, as well as other required documents to them. And the agency will do the rest for you.

    The processing time of TTB permit takes at least 8-9 working days after we hand the permit application to Tibet Tourism Bureau, so it is suggested to book your Tibet tour as early as possible.

    #3 Get Your Permit

    Once your permit is issued, we will deliver it from Lhasa to your hotel in mainland China, and this may take 2-3 days. If you want us to send it to your address abroad, it takes more time. In some emergency situations, our staff will send the TTB permit to you in person at the airport or railway station.

    Q: What is the TTB Permit Cost?

    In fact, Tibet Tourism Bureau does not charge commission for the travel permit. But different travel agency may charge a service fee at different price.

    Get Your TTB Permit for FREE!

    Once you book your Tibet tour with us, you can get your Tibet Travel Permit for free.

    Contact us for a quote of your Tibet tour now.

    Required Documents for TTB Permit Application

    The documents required for TTB permit application include your China Visa, passport with less than 6 months’ validity remaining.

    You are suggested to mail the copy of your China Visa and passport to us 10 to 15 days before your scheduled day to enter Tibet. Since the processing time of TTB permit normally lasts 8-9 days after we hand the permit application to Tibet Tourism Bureau.

    Valid Passport Required for TTB Permit ApplicationTogether with China Visa, your passport is required to obtain the TTB Permit.

    Checking List for Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit (Tibet Travel Permit) Application

    1. Passport valid for at least 6 months
    2. Chinese Visa
    3. Verification Letters for Work Visa, Student Visa, etc.

    The Copy of Your Passport

    A clear passport scan is required for applying your Tibet Travel Permit. You don’t need to send the scanned copy to us. Just send the image to us by email.

    One thing you need to bear in mind is that the passport information you offered must be the same as the one you take to Tibet, especially if you have dual citizenships and hold two passports.

    If you get a new passport after you already send us the application of your Tibet Permit, please contact your personal travel consultant to confirm whether it is possible to change the passport information on your application form or not.

    Notice for Indian Passport Holders:
    If you want to travel to Tibet (without Mount Kailash area) with your Indian passport, you can apply for your Tibet permit through a Tibetan travel agency.

    However, if you want to take a pilgrimage tour to Mount Kailash, you can just go to the Foreign Affairs Office of TAR (governmental) or the Pilgrim Center (non-governmental) to arrange the trip for you.

    There are also some Nepal and Indian Travel agencies that authorized by those organizations. You can book the Mount Kailash tour with them.

    Chinese Visa

    If you plan to enter Tibet from mainland China, you need to get a Chinese Tourists Visa (L Visa). It can be applied in your own country before you go.

    If you plan to enter Tibet from Nepal, you need to apply for a Group Tourist Visa through the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Verification Letters for Work Visa, Student Visa, etc.

    For expats who work/study/live in China, they can also apply for the permit with their Work Visa (Z Visa) or Student Visa (X Visa). In addition to Chinese Visa, they also need to provide related Verification Letters, such as a proof of Employment.

    Diplomats, journalists and government officials cannot apply for the permit through a travel agency. They need to go through the Tibet Foreign Affairs Office.

    More Required Travel Documents for Tibet Tours

    In addition to Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit, there are several other travel permits that should be obtained according to where you are travelling in Tibet during your tour. And there documents are not applied through Tibet Tourism Bureau, but respectively issued by different organizations or departments.

    Chinese Visa for Tibet Travel

    If you travel to Tibet from China, you will need to first get a Chinese Visa, which is the prerequisite for you to enter China, and the required document to apply for the TTB permit.

    The Chinese Visa can be obtained by yourself through the Chinese Embassy or Consulates in your home country or in a third country.

    The Chinese Embassy and Consulates do not take visa applications sent by mail. Applicants are required to come to the visa office for visa application.

    If you cannot come personally, you may entrust a relative or friend or travel/visa agent to come to the visa office for application process.

    If you travel to Tibet from Nepal, you are required to get a Group Tourist Visa, together with the TTB Permit.

    The Group Tourist Visa is a kind of single entry visa, and can only be applied by your tour operator through the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu.

    No matter whether you have got a China visa or not, you need to get the group tourist visa, as long as you choose to enter Tibet from Nepal.

    NOT suggested to enter Tibet from Nepal if you already got a Chinese Visa

    Once you get the new Group Tourist Visa in Nepal, your former China visa will automatically expire.

    So if you already have a Chinese Visa, and decide to visit both Tibet and Nepal, it is highly suggested to visit Tibet first and then enjoy a Nepal tour after your journey in Tibet.

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    In short, the travel permits required to travel to Tibet are in various situations based on the destinations and itinerary you choose to enjoy your Tibet tour. The application of Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit and other documents also differ from one another.

    Therefore, it is strongly recommended to plan your tour in advance, and to figure out all the related information about the permit application, so as to make your trip go smoothly.

    Other Travel Permit Obtained in Tibet

    If you travel to the west and some remote areas of Tibet, like Everest Base Camp region and Mount Kailash areas, you will further need to get the Aliens’ Travel Permit, Frontier Pass, and Military Permit etc.

    The Aliens’ Travel Permit is required for Everest Base Camp tours. It is issued by the Tibetan Local Public Security Bureau, and can only be applied after you arrive in Lhasa. It is obtained by your tour guide with your original passport and TTB Permit.

    The Military Permit is issued by the Military Office in Lhasa, and is obtained by your tour operator in the same way as the TTB permit is applied for. It is required for trips to Mount Kailash and other remote areas in Ngari and eastern Tibet.

    While the Frontier Pass, which is required for all tourists travelling within the border area of China, can be applied through Armed Police Tibet Frontier Corps in Lhasa. If you plan to visit Mount Kailash area in Ngari or Ranwu Lake in Nyingchi, you need to get the Frontier Pass.


    Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit, also known as Tibet Travel Permit, is the essential travel document for all foreign tourists entering Tibet.

    Issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau, the TTB permit can be only applied through a local travel and individual application is not accepted.

    It is important to find a reliable travel agency to handle the application procedure, as well as arrange the Tibet tour for you.

    The required documents for TTB Permit application include the scan photo of your passport and Chinese Visa. And for different kinds of visa, you may need to provide further verification letters.

    Beside the TTB permit and Chinese Visa, there are also some other documents required for your trip in Tibet, such as the Alien's Travel Permit for Everest Base Camp tours and the Military Permit for the trip to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar.

    As a leading tour operator with years of experience, we provide professional tour service for every foreign traveler to Tibet, including the application of TTB permit and other permits, arrangement of customized private tour or group tour in Tibet etc.

    If you have any further questions about Tibet Permit application or Tibet tour arrangement, please feel free to leave your questions below. Our professional Tibet travel consultant will answer your questions within 24 hours.

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