Guangzhou Railway Station Guide: How to Take the Train to Tibet from Guangzhou

Last updated: October,31 2018

Guangzhou Railway Station is one of the most important railway hubs in China. It serves trains running through Guangzhou-Shenzhen railway and Beijing-Guangzhou railway, connecting other major cities in China. Among all the four train stations in Guangzhou, it is the only railway station operating the train from Guangzhou to Lhasa. With easy access to other railway stations of Guangzhou, as well as Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, it is convenient for travelers from Hong Kong, Shenzhen and surrounding areas to take a Tibet train to Lhasa.

Guangzhou-Tibet Train Schedule

The Guangzhou-Lhasa train (Z264) departs from Guangzhou Railway Station at 11:45 and arrives in Lhasa at 16:19 on the third day. The return train from Lhasa to Guangzhou (Z266) departs at 13:10 and arrives in Guangzhou at 20:00 on the third day. The train between Guangzhou and Lhasa runs on one of the longest railways routes to Tibet, covering 13 stations in total.

Train Number (Route)DepartureArrivalDurationFrequency
Z264 (Guangzhou to Lhasa) 11:45 16:19 52hr, 34min Every Day
Z266 (Lhasa to Guangzhou) 13:10 20:00 54hr, 50min Every Day

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The train schedule from Guangzhou to Lhasa above is just for reference. When you make early reservation, please contact us for more details.

How to Collect Tibet Train Ticket at Guangzhou Railway Station

The ticket hall is at the west side of the station square. Passengers can buy train tickets that depart from all stations of Guangzhou at any counter. If you have already booked your Tibet train ticket online, you need your passport and booking number to collect the ticket. Besides, the copy of your Tibet Travel Permit is also needed to collect your Tibet train ticket. The ticket windows of Guangzhou Railway Stations open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that the automatic ticketing machines only provide self-ticketing services for Chinese ID card holders.

Guangzhou Railway Station Documents should be prepared to collect your Tibet train ticket at Guagnzhou Railway Station.

As a better option, you can turn to us for professional help. We can help you to book your Tibet train ticket and send it to you personally. Also, we offer the one-package service of Tibet Travel Permit application and tour arrangement, ensuring you a comfortable and carefree train journey to Tibet. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

How to Board the Tibet Train at Guangzhou Railway Station

Prepare Your Travel Documents and Train Tickets

It is strongly advised to get to the railway station early, since you will spend much time queuing with a crowd of other passengers going to board the train. Before you leave for the station, remember to prepare your train ticket and Tibet travel permit, and keep them in a safe and easily accessible place all the time.

Pass through Security Check

As you arrive at the train station, you are required to go through security check at the exit before getting in. All your luggage and belongs will be checked by the checking machine, and any dangerous and forbidden items should not be carried to the station. You will also be asked by the train staff to present your Tibet train ticket and personal ID (passport), together with the Tibet permit, for the check.

Wait in the Waiting Hall

After going through all the checks and getting in the hall of the station, you will see a big LED board showing the information of each train, like train number, departure time, waiting room number etc. You need to find the right waiting room for your train. Guangzhou Railway Station consists of two parts, a two-story main building and a front square. On the ground floor of the main building, there is a ticket office, four waiting rooms, fast-food restaurant and luggage stores. On the second floor, there are seven waiting rooms and shopping areas. If you feel confused, you can show your ticket to the station staff for help.

Find Your Platform and Get Onboard

Usually, the station staff will start checking the train ticket 20 minutes before the train’s departure time. After ticket checking, you will walk several minutes to the platform, with some upstairs or downstairs. You need to check the carriage number and seat number indicating on your train ticket to find the correct door for boarding. The trainman standing at the train door will check your train ticket again and help you get onboard.

Guangzhou Railway Station Platform Toursits need to find the right plaform for the train to Lhasa.

Find Your Berth

The last step is to find your seat or berth according to your train ticket. For hard-seat carriage, the seat number is printed on the wall between two windows. And the berth number is printed on the door of each compartment. You can place your luggage right under the lower berth, or in the luggage closet opposite to the upper berth. After all being settled, you can just relax and enjoy your train journey to Lhasa.

How to Get to Guangzhou Railway Station from Guangzhou Airport

By Shuttle Bus

The distance between Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Guangzhou Railway Station is about 30 kilometers. Passengers can take the Express Line 1 to the Aviation Ticket Office near Guangzhou Railway Station. The shuttle bus runs every 20-30 minutes from the airport and it costs 18 CNY with one and half hours’ ride. The first bus departs from the airport at 07:00, and the final bus runs till the last flight.

By Subway

Passengers can take Metro Line 3 from the airport to Jiahewanggang Station and change to Metro Line 2. It takes about 50 minutes and costs 7 CNY, covering 12 stops in total. By this way, you can avoid traffic jam and get to the railway station as your scheduled time.

By Taxi

It will take about 40 minutes from Baiyun International Airport to Guangzhou Train Station by taxi. The cost of taxi may be 120 to 150 CNY, or much higher during the peak travel time.

How to Get to Guangzhou Railway Station from Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a noted metropolis city that many foreigners choose as the exit to China. For tourists planning to take a Tibet tour, it is also convenient to get to Guangzhou Railway Station from Hong Kong. The most recommended option is to take the Guangzhou-Kowloon trains between Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Guangzhou-Kowloon Train Guangzhou-Kowloon train is the main option for tourists to get to Guangzhou from Hong Kong.

There are more than ten daily trains running between Hong Kong Hung Hom Station and Guangzhou East Railway Station. The first train leaves at 07:25 am and the last train departs at 20:00pm. It takes about 2 hours to get to Guangzhou East Railway Station from Hong Kong.

After that, you can get easy a transfer from Guangzhou East Railway Station to Guangzhou Railway Station by taxi or subway. The best route is to take Metro Line 1 at Guangzhoudong station, and then change to Metro Line 2 at Jiahewanggang station. It takes about 30 minutes and costs 4 CNY one way.

How to Get to Guangzhou Railway Station from Shenzhen

To get to Guangzhou Railway Station from Shenzhen city, one can take the direct train departing from Shenzhen Railway Station. There are about 15 high-speed C trains from Shenzhen Railway Station to Guangzhou Railway Station every day, leaving from 6:45am to 20:43 pm. It takes about one and half hours on the way.

Or you can choose other high-speed G trains and D trains departing from Shenzhen to Guangzhou East and Guangzhou South railway station, with more than 50 trains each day. It is convenient to reach Guangzhou Railway Station by taking Metro Line 2 from the South Railway Station. Within 45 minutes, the subway ticket price is CNY6.

How to Get to Guangzhou Railway Station from Guangzhou Downtown

Guangzhou Railway Station is located at Huanshi West Road of Yuexiu District, at an interchange station site of Metro Line 2 and Metro Line 5. Plenty of scheduled bus lines are provided to run between the station and downtown area, including Bus No. 180, 201, 210, 228, 552 etc.

Get to Guangzhou Railway Station by Subway It is convenient to get to Guangzhou Railway Station by subway from downtown.

From Chimelong Paradise

The Chimelong Paradise is about 26 km to the southeast of Guangzhou Railway Station. Tourists can take Metro Line 3 at Hanxi Chimelong station, and then change to Metro Line 5 at Zhujiang New Town Station, then get to the railway station. It takes about 55 minutes through this route. Or, you can first take Metro Line 7 at the same starting point, and transfer to Metro Line 2 at Shibi station. The second route also requires nearly one hour on the way, while you will have a shorter journey for walking.

From Canton Tower

The landmark Canton Tower is not so far away from the station, with about 12 kilometers’ driving distance. To get to the station from Canton Tower, you can first take Metro Line 3 and change to Metro Line 1 at Tiyi Xilu Station, and then transfer to Metro Line 2 at Gongyuanqian Station. Though 2 transfers are needed before reach to the train station, the whole line only takes about minutes and the ticket price is 4 CNY only.

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