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Beijing Xining Train Ticket Price and Schuedle

Train No.From/ToDep. / Arr.DurationDistance (km)FrequencyHard sleeper TicketSoft Sleeper Ticket
T175 Beijing West/Xining 13:05/10:41 21:36 1,785 Daily CNY353 CNY556
Z151 Beijing West/Xining 16:03/14:16 22:13 2,092 Daily CNY399 CNY629
Z21 Beijing West/Xining 20:00/15:01 19:01 1,785 Daily CNY353 CNY556

* The ticket price is just for reference. Please contact us for exact price on your departure date.

* Since Beijing Xining is one of the most popular train routes to Tibet, it is suggested to make your reservation as soon as possible.

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Owing to its great popularity, the train from Beijing to Lhasa can often be fully booked well in advance during the peak seasons. One option for travelers is to take a train from Beijing to Xining, where you can board a Tibet train to Lhasa from the original start point of the Qinghai-Tibet railway.

There are totally 3 trains scheduled to Xining Railway Station from Beijing every day. It takes about 20 hours for the entire train journey from Beijing to Xining. Except for the Train No Z21, which is bound for Lhasa, the rest two trains will finish the ride in Xining terminally. Tourists can choose any of the three to enjoy the train journey between Beijing and Xining.

Beijing to Xining Train No Z21 (Shortest Route)

Timetable of Beijing to Xining Train No Z21

Train No Z21 is the Tibet train that starts from Beijing and ends in Lhasa, with a stopover in Xining en route. It leaves daily at 20:00 p.m. and takes about 19 hours to reach Xining at 15:01 p.m. The train will pass through six stations along the way, and will stop for 20 minutes at Xining Railway Station before moving forwards.

StationAltitudeArrivalDepartureStop TimeDaysDistance
West Beijing 44 m -- 20:00 -- Day 1 --
Shijiazhuang 80 m 22:33 22:37 4 min Day 1 291 km
Taiyuan 820 m 00:19 00:25 6 min Day 2 516 km
Zhongwei 1,225 m 07:05 07:16 11 min Day 2 1,263 km
Lanzhou 1,520 m 12:17 12:32 15 min Day 2 1,569 km
Xining 2,275 m 15:01 15:21 20 min Day 2 1,785 km

Route of Beijing to Xining Train No Z21

The Train No Z21 offers the shortest train route from Beijing to Xining, covering a total distance of 1785 kilometers. Leaving Beijing, the train runs across the North China Plain and Huangtu Plateau successively, and then reaches Xining in the middle part of China.

The train will first travel across vast plain nearly at sea level, before it ascends to 820 meters at Taiyuan. From there, the train gradually climbs up to 2275 meters at Xining, passing through Zhongwei and Lanzhou on the way. Although there is large altitude change along the rail line from Beijing to Xining, tourists will feel comfortable with the journey as the train basically run at a relatively lower altitude.

Besides, as the only Tibet train among the three trains from Beijing to Xining, Train No Z21 is provided with oxygen supply after passing Golmud. So if you take the Train No Z21 directly to Lhasa from Beijing, you don't need to worry too much about altitude sickness onboard.

Ticket Price of Beijing to Xining Train No Z21

The ticket price of Beijing to Xining train varies a little from different trains. For Train No Z21, the soft sleeper ticket is CNY556 and the hard sleeper ticket is CNY353 per person.

Train NumberSoft Sleeper TicketsHard Sleeper Tickets
Z21 CNY 556 CNY 353

Note: The ticket price listed in the table is only for your reference. When you make your booking of the train ticket, please contact our travel consultant for the exact price.

Beijing to Xining Train No T175

Timetable of Beijing to Xining Train No T175

The express train from Beijing to Xining (No T175) is scheduled to leave daily at 13:05 and will run for 21 hours 36 minutes before finally arriving at Xining. Running across a distance of 1785 kilometers, the same as the Train No Z21, the train will go by 14 stations in total.

StationAltitudeArrivalDepartureStop TimeDaysDistance
Beijing West 44 m -- 13:05 -- Day 1 --
Baoding 25 m 14:25 14:29 4 min Day 1 159 km
Shijiazhuang North 83 m 15:55 16:01 6 min Day 1 293 km
Taiyuan 814 m 18:23 18:31 8 min Day 1 488 km
Jiaocheng 900 m 19:15 19:17 2 min Day 1 553 km
Wenshui 1000 m 19:28 19:30 2 min Day 1 574 km
Fenyang 1414 m 19:44 19:46 2 min Day 1 599 km
Lvliang 952 m 20:27 20:31 4 min Day 1 674 km
Suide 920 m 21:23 21:28 5 min Day 1 779 km
Jingbian 1339 m 22:43 22:51 8 min Day 1 914 km
Dingbian 1400 m 22:56 00:01 5 min Day 1 1026 km
Zhongwei 1225 m 02:15 02:27 12min Day 2 1256 km
Lanzhou 1520 m 07:44 08:02 18min Day 2 1569 km
Xining 2,200 m 10:41 10:41 -- Day 2 1785 km

Route of Beijing to Xining Train No T175

Train No T175 goes along the same route of Train No Z21 for the section from Beijing to Xining. The difference is that it will stop for more times when passing through the cities along the way. Therefore, it will take more time to arrive in Xining from Beijing, roughly in 22 hours.

Ticket Price of Beijing to Xining Train No T175

Since Train No T175 shares the same route with Train No Z21, the ticket price of the train also remains the same to the corresponding seat class.

Train NumberSoft Sleeper TicketsHard Sleeper Tickets
T175 CNY 556 CNY 353

Note: The ticket price listed in the table is only for your reference. When you make your booking of the train ticket, please contact our travel consultant for the exact price.

Beijing to Xining Train No Z151

Timetable of Beijing to Xining Train No Z151

Train No Z151 is the train that directly starts from Beijing and ends in Xining. It departs every day at 16:03 p.m. from Beijing West Railway Station and arrives at Xining Railway Station at 14:16 p.m. on the second day, after travelling for about 22 hours.

StationAltitudeArrivalDepartureStop TimeDaysDistance
Beijing West 44 m -- 16:03 -- Day 1 --
Shijiazhuang 83 m 18:27 18:32 5 min Day 2 293 km
Xian 405 m 3:45 3:54 9 min Day 2 1075 km
Baoji 570 m 5:28 5:33 5 min Day 2 1373 km
Tianshui 1171 m 7:06 7:14 8 min Day 2 1528 km
Gangu 1972 m 7:56 8:01 5 min Day 2 1595 km
Longxi 2057 m 8:45 8:50 5 min Day 2 1674 km
Dingxi 1793 m 9:44 9:48 4 min Day 2 1758 km
Lanzhou 1520 m 11:19 11:34 15 min Day 2 1876 km
Haishiwan 1770 m 12:54 12:58 4 min Day 2 1982 km
Pinganyi 2100 m 13:38 13:42 4 min Day 2 2061 km
Xining 2275 m 14:16 -- -- Day 2 2092 km

Route of Beijing to Xining Train No Z151

Different from the rest two trains, Train No Z151 runs along another route through 12 stops en route. Starting from Beijing, it first goes southwards to Xi’an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province. After that, the train moves northwest towards Xining via Baoji and Lanzhou. Due to its detour on the way, the train travels a longer distance of 2275 kilometers.

Ticket Price of Beijing to Xining Train No Z151

Owing to its longer running distance, Train No Z151 is provided with a higher ticket price. When you take this train, you will pay a bit more on the corresponding berth.

Train NumberSoft Sleeper TicketsHard Sleeper Tickets
Z151 CNY 629 CNY 399

Note: The ticket price listed in the table is only for your reference. When you make your booking of the train ticket, please contact our travel consultant for the exact price.

Please Note:

Although the Train No Z151 passes Xi’an during its ride from Beijing to Xining, it will only stop for 9 minutes before moving on. Tourists cannot get off the train at Xi’an Railway Station and then get onboard another train after one or two days with the same ticket.

If you want to pay a visit to Xi’an city during your Beijing Xining Train journey, you need to buy different train tickets for different sections.

Which is the Best Train from Beijing to Xining?

Basically, there is no big difference among the three trains from Beijing to Xining. For tourists with fixed time schedule of your travel plan, you can choose the proper train from Beijing to Xining according to its departure time and arrival time.

Both Train No T175 and Train No Z151 leave during the daytime, respectively at 13:05 p.m. and 16:03 p.m. While for Train No Z21, it departs at 20:00 in the evening. Accordingly, all of the three trains will arrive in Xining on the second day, after running for 19 to 22 hours. Check the following Beijing to Xining Trains Schedule as a reference.

Beijing to Xining Trains Schedule

Train No.From/ToDep. / Arr.DurationDistance (km)Frequency
T175 Beijing West/Xining 13:05/10:41 21:36 1,785 Daily
Z151 Beijing West/Xining 16:03/14:16 22:13 2,092 Daily
Z21 Beijing West/Xining 20:00/15:01 19:01 1,785 Daily

Please Note: The timetable and schedule is just for reference. When you make early reservation, please contact us for more details.

Is There High Speed Train from Beijing to Xining?

Currently, there is no high speed train is available from Beijing to Xining. But tourists can take a high speed train from Beijing to Xi’an first and then transfer to Xining.

High Speed Train from Beijing to Xi’an
There are 16 high speed trains running from Beijing West Railway Station to Xi’an North Railway Station every day, and it takes about 4 to 6 hours for the entire ride. The train departs from 06:20 to 18:55, and will arrive in Xi’an on the same day.

From Xi’an, there are more than 10 daily bullet trains scheduled to Xining. By taking the bullet train from Xi’an to Xining, tourists will only need to spend another 4 to 5 hours to complete the whole journey. With sufficient options on both trains from Beijing to Xi’an and Xi’an to Xining, tourists can make a flexible connection of the two rides depending on your own travel schedule.

How to Choose the Cabin of Beijing to Xining Train? Soft Sleeper or Hard Sleeper?

As to the trains from Beijing to Xining, there are three classes of seats provided, namely, hard seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper. To better enjoy the long-haul train journey from Beijing to Xining, it is recommended to choose a soft sleeper berth or hard sleeper berth.

Difference between Soft Sleeper and Hard Sleeper

Cabin on Tibet Train Measurement of Berth Height Number of Berth
Soft Sleeper 80cm/90cm/30cm
(upper berth/lower berth/under the berth)
Hard Sleeper 65cm/65cm/90cm/30cm
(upper berth/middle berth/lower berth/under the berth)

The soft sleeper on Tibet trains is provided with the best possible facilities onboard, and could be the optimum choice for passengers caring about good privacy and comfortable travel experience. In each soft sleeper cabin, there are only four berths inside, with a lockable door to ensure a quiet environment.

While for budget travelers, the hard sleeper on Tibet train will be a good option, since it has a lower ticket price and also remains the comfort to some degree. There are 6 berths in each hard sleeper cabin. Although no door is provided for a hard sleeper, tourists can have more chance to enjoy the time with locals or other passengers onboard.

How to Buy Beijing Xining Train Ticket?

Book Your Train Ticket at Railway Station

The train ticket can be booked at the railway station or on the Internet in China. If you prefer to book your Beijing Xining train ticket on site at the train station, you can go directly to Beijing West Railway Station, which is the departure station you will board the train.

According to the laws and regulations, foreigner tourists need to present the valid passport as the identity certificate when buy train ticket at a railway station in China. There are many ticket windows selling train tickets to tourists, but you may find some difficulty in buying your train ticket if you don’t know Chinese well.

Book Your Train Ticket Online with Us

As a better choice, you can book your Beijing Xining train ticket online with us, to avoid the language awkwardness and spare yourself more time from rushing around to/from the station. With professional and trustworthy services on China Tibet train tours, we can help to get your ticket of your preferred travel date.

Usually, the pre-sale period of Tibet train tickets is 30 days for online booking, 28 days for purchasing at railway station. Tourists are advised to make an early reservation to get your preferred seat.

Do I need a Tibet Travel Permit When book Beijing to Xining Train Ticket?

For tourists planning to take Beijing to Xining train, there is no need to get a Tibet Travel Permit for ticket booking. The Tibet Travel Permit is required when you book and collect your Tibet train tickets to Lhasa.

Therefore, if you are going to further enjoy a Tibet train journey from Xining to Lhasa, you need to get your Tibet Travel Permit in advance. Apply for your Tibet Travel Permit and book your train ticket together with us, a real hassle-free Tibet train tour is one click beyond.


When booking your Beijing Xining train ticket, try to avoid the peak season. During the peak travel season of summer holidays and early October, when more tourists head to Lhasa from Beijing, the tickets are always in huge demand.

Beijing West Railway Station Guide

Beijing has three major railway stations, Beijing West Railway Station being the only one offering trains to Xining. The station is located near the West 3rd Ring Road, only 8km from the Forbidden City. It is very convenient to get there from Beijing Airport or Downtown.

Beijing West Railway Station Map

Map Showing Locations of Beijing West Railway Station and Other Landmarks

Get to Beijing West Railway Station from Beijing Capital Airport

Situated in the northeast of Beijing city, Beijing Capital International Airport is about 40 km away from the train station. Tourists can take a transfer from the airport to the station by subway, shuttle bus or taxi.

By Subway
Beijing West Railway Station can be reached by taking Metro Line 7 or Metro Line 10. While for the airport, it is connected to Subway Airport Line directly. Therefore, tourists will go through several transfers by taking the subway routes, but there will be no traffic jams on the way. The total cost will be about 30 RMB per person one way, and it normally takes about 80 minutes to 2 hours for the whole transfer journey.

By Airport Shuttle Bus No. 7
Taking the airport express line is also a good choice to get to the train station. Bus No. 7 is provided to depart every 30 minutes from the airport to the station. The bus normally takes around 2 hours with smooth traffic along the way, and it costs 30 RMB per person one way.

By Taxi
By taking a taxi, tourists can go directly from the airport to the station, with no transfer or stop on the way. But the price of taxis will be more expensive, usually around 120 RMB. While during the working rush hours, the price will rise higher due to long travel time.

Get to Beijing West Railway Station from Downtown

Except for taxis and subway, there are dozens of local city buses running to Beijing West Railway Station, from each district of the downtown area. There are bus terminals on both north square and south square of the train station. The buses generally depart from 5:00 am to 23:00 pm, and the ticket price is mostly settled to 2 RMB per person.

Xining Railway Station Guide

As the arrival station of Beijing to Xining train, Xining Railway Station is also beginning of Qinghai-Tibet Railway, and all Tibet trains from mainland China will stop here before heading to Lhasa. The station is located in Huzhu Road, Chengdong District, being 5 kilometers away from the center of Xining city.

Xining Railway Station Map

Map Showing Locations of Xining Railway Station and Other Landmarks

If you plan to continue your train journey from Xining to Lhasa after the ride from Beijing, you are suggested to spend a day or two in Xining to acclimatize yourself to higher altitude you will experience along the sky rail line to Tibet.

Get to Xining Downtown from Xining Station

The Beijing to Xining Train arrives in Xining Railway Station during the daytime, in the morning or afternoon. For tourists who need to transfer to your hotels in downtown Xining, the best way is to take a taxi, since there is no subway offered.

There is a special taxi waiting point on the first floor of the underground passage of Xining Station. After you get off the train, you can directly go there to take a taxi.

Besides, there are city buses for the transfer from Xining Railway Station to each district of downtown area. Usually, the city bus charges 1 to 2 RMB per person for a one-way ride.

Get to Nearly Tourist Attractions from Xining Station

Xining Railway Station to Ta’er Monastery
One of the six monasteries of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism in China, Ta’er Monastery is the birthplace of the world's second largest Buddhist master, Tsongkhapa. The monastery is known for its lifelike butter flowers, colorful murals and piles of embroidery.

To get to Ta’er Monastery, which is 33 kilometers away from Xining Railway Station, one can take the bus No. 909, which takes about 2 hours. More conveniently, there is a special bus line provided for transferring between the station and the monastery. It costs 5 CNY one way per person.

Xining Railway Station to Qinghai Lake
Qinghai Lake is China's largest inland lake and lagoon. The lake presents different views of the four seasons owing to its continental climate. On the west side of the lake is Bird Island, which will welcome hundreds of thousands of birds from April to June every year. The best time to go to Qinghai Lake is July and August, when rape flowers blossom and the annual lake cycling event will be held.

Due to the long distance of about 150 kilometers, there is no shuttle bus for transfer from the train station to the lake at present. Tourists can take a coach there from the coach station, which is located opposite the Xining Railway Station. It takes 1.5 hours and costs 37 CNY per person.

In order to enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant trip to Qinghai Lake, tourists can also charter a car or join an organized Xining city tour, which includes flexible timing and convenient transportation.

Enjoy a Hassle-free Transfer in Xining with Us!

For your convenience, we offer frequent chartered cars to take you to the nearby attractions from Xining Railway Station. You can also enjoy one-package service, with professional driver and guide for your choice. Just contact us now to get yourself a worry-free transfer in Xining!

How to board Tibet trains at Xining Railway Station?

Xining Railway Station offers the most frequent Tibet trains to Lhasa, thus it will be more likely to get a Tibet train ticket here. For tourists about to board the train from Xining to Lhasa, you are required to prepare your Tibet Travel Permit, together with your Tibet train ticket and valid passport.

And it is suggested to reach Xining Railway Station at least 2 hours early before the departure time of your train, since there will always be a lot of passengers waiting in long queues and you will go through a series of checks. When you board the train, you can find your berth according to the information shown on your train ticket.

Except for some certain trains originating from Xining Railway Station, most Tibet trains to Lhasa will only stop for several minutes at the station. So you’d better pack up the luggage ahead of time and move quickly to board the train before it is scheduled to restart running.

How to Plan Your Beijing Xining Train Tour

  • Beijing Xining Tour

    Beijing Xining Train Tour

    With convenient trains from Beijing to Xining, tourists can enjoy a classic Beijing Xining Train tour to take in the great sights in both cities.

    Firstly, while visiting the imperial capital city of Beijing, you can spend 3 to 5 days touring the marvelous cultural heritage sites, including the renowned Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, and Temple of Heaven etc.

    Then in Xining, you are recommended to take a couple of days to explore the breathtaking Qinghai Lake and classic Ta’er Monastery, as well as other landmarks of the city.

    The wonderful journey to Beijing and Xining will let you learn both the profound culture and breathtaking natural scenery of China.

  • Beijing Xining Lhasa Tour

    Beijing Xining Lhasa Tour

    It is a popular route to first take a train or flight from Beijing to Xining and then enjoy the Tibet train journey to Lhasa. After touring Beijing, you can take the flight or train to Xining, depending on your travel needs, whether you want to save the time on the way or save the travel cost.

    Then take the train from Xining to Lhasa, which offers the shortest journey to Tibet by train. Along the route, tourists can appreciate impressive natural scenery from snow-capped mountains to massive grassy prairie. It is a lifetime experience you should never miss during your China Tibet tour.

    While in Lhasa, you can get to know the mysterious Tibet culture and religion by visiting its importanct monasteries and landmarks, like Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Barkhor Street etc.

  • Beijing Xining Shigatse Tour

    Beijing Xining Shigatse Tour

    Instead of heading to Lhasa, tourists can go directly from Xining to Shigatse, after your visit to Beijing and Xining.

    Shigatse is the second largest city in Tibet, and is a famous tourist destination on the snowy land as well. There tourists can pay a visit to the magnificent Tashilhunpo Monastery in the downtown, or travel further to the famous Everest Base Camp to take in the peak view of Mount Everest.

    From Xining to Shigatse, there are seasonal trains launched during the summer peak travel season of Tibet tour. It takes about 24 hours for the train ride. Therefore, if you want to take this travel route, you are recommended to keep an eye on the train schedule and make an early reservation on your train ticket.

  • Beijing Xining Urumchi Tour

    Beijing Xining Urumchi Tour with High Speed Train Experience

    Besides, tourists can also enjoy a high speed train journey from Beijing to Xining and then further to Urumchi in northwest China, to take a different but worthwhile travel route for your wonderful China tour.

    Although there is no direct high speed train from Beijing to Xining, tourists can first take a high speed train from Beijing to Lanzhou and then transfer to Xining via bullet train.

    There are two high speed trains from Beijing to Lanzhou every day, departing respectively at 08:04 and 09:11 from Beijing West Railway Station. The high speed trains run at a faster speed than regular trains and take only 8 to 9 hours to reach Lanzhou West Railway Station.

    While Lanzhou is only 225 kilometers away from Xining, it is very convenient to transfer between the two cities. It is recommended to take a D-series bullet train from Lanzhou to Xining, which takes only about 70 minutes.

    From Xining, there are high speed trains to Urumchi, running along the newly-opened Lanzhou-Urumchi High-speed Railway. The train goes along the ancient Silk Road route, passing through some landmark points including Zhangye, Yumen, Jiayuguan Pass etc.

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From handling and delivery of your Tibet Travel Permit to sorting out the details like itineraries, hotels and booking the Tibet train tickets and flight tickets, we care deeply about your ideas and work 24/7 to ensure you a worry-free and pleasant travel.

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