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Tibet Train Luggage Restrictions

Last updated: September,02 2015

1. How Can I check in my luggage when traveling by Tibet Train?
Different from traveling by air, Tibet Train does not provide luggage check-in service. All the luggage you take requires to be carried on by yourself, to put them on top luggage shelf, or under the bottom berth. There are some restrictions for carry-on luggage.

2. How many items can be freely carried by passengers?
Passengers free to carry the weight and volume are: Children (including children free) 10 kg, diplomats 35kg, other passengers 20 kg. External dimensions of each article length, width, height should not be more than 160 cm in total, rod-shaped items are not more than 200 cm, but EMU train ride does not exceed 130 cm; weight does not exceed 20 kg. Disabled means of transport used folding wheelchairs are not included in the above range.

3. For the convenience of passengers’ traveling, the following items are limited:
- Gas Lighters 5, safety match box 20.
- Nail polish, delustering agents, hair dye are no more than 20 ml; Alcohol, perm lotion, are no more than 100 milliliters; Mousse, hair gel, pesticides, air fresheners are no more than 600 ml
- Newborn birds 20.

4. Banned objects on the train
- Objects forbidden by the nation or confined to transit;
- Dangerous goods defined by the law, regulation or rules, ammunition or unidentifiable chemicals;
- Animals or any objects impeding public health including extremely odorous objects;
- Objects able to destroy or contaminate the train;
- The norm or weight beyond item 51 of this regulation.

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