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Xian to Lhasa

Last updated: April,21 2017

Currently there are no trains that start from Xian and arrive in Lhasa exclusively. Trains from other major cities make stop at Xi'an Railway Station, therefore making it more difficult to obtain tickets, but not impossible. The most difficult thing is that the Lhasa train ticket quota for the Xi'an Railway is very small.

Map of Xian Lhasa Train Route The above map shows you the train route to Tibet from Xian.

Ticket Price of Trains from Xian to Lhasa

RoutesHard SeatHard SleeperSoft Sleeper
Xian to Lhasa ¥293.5 ¥611.5 ¥969.5

1. The prices above are only the net prices of Tibet train tickets. The market prices of Tibet train ticket are usually subject to change according to your travel date. Please contact us for exact cost of Tibet train tickets on your preferred departure date.
2. Due to the limited tickets supply, it is better to make reservation 3-6 months in advance, especially in peak seasons.

Mainland China trains that make a stop at Xi'an

There are three trains to Lhasa stop over at Xi'an railway station, including Shanghai-Lhasa train and Guangzhou-Lhasa train. However, it is still quite difficult to get a Tibet train ticket in peak season. So we highly recommend you to book your Tibet train ticket in advance for a better guarantee.

Start CityStop OverEnd CityFrequecyDuration
Guangzhou Xian
Daily 31h,45m
Shanghai Xian
Daily 32h,20m
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