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Last updated: September,08 2015

Mt. Kailash is a sacred mountain to Buddhists and Hindus alike and it is located in the Gangdise Mountain range. Thousands of people visit the mountain each year either for sightseeing purposes or a pilgrimage. Religious individuals believe that going around the mountain, called circumambulating, is the path the righteousness. To walk around Mt Kailash will take anywhere from 15-25 hours with a total distance of 52 km.

The four great rivers of the Indian sub-continent: Karnali (which feeds into the Ganges), Indus, Sutlej and Brahmaputra all originate from Mount Kailash, and thus the region is very important ecologically.

Mount Kailas Landscape The mountain is at 6,600 metres above sea level.

In Tibetan history the famous yogi Milarepa won the mountain for Buddhists competing against the Bon master Naro Bon-chung. According to folklore, Milarepa's success thereby established Buddhism as the primary religion in Tibet. In return for Mt. Kailash, Milarepa gave to the Bonpos a nearby hill, the so-called Bonri. About one hundred years later, Gyalwa Gotsanga, opened the kora around Mt. Kailash for the public. On his kora he was led by heavenly beings including Dakinis and Taras that appeared in the form of various animals such as wolves and a female yak (“Dri”). They showed him the way around Mt. Kailash and led him the way to Dri ra Phuk for meditation.

Map pf Mount Kailas and Lake Manasarovar The Trekking Map of Mount Kailas and Lake Manasarovar

According to legend, the Buddha is said to have magically visited Kailash in the 5th century B.C. Stories relate that an Indian master tried to move Mt. Kailash; the Buddha arrived with the 500 Arhats and rooted the mountain with four foot prints (Nails) that one can find nowadays imprinted in rocks on the kora around Kailash.

How to get to Mount Kailash

Visa and Documentation

All foreign nationals, including Indians, require a Tibet Entry Permit. One must be in possession of a passport valid for another six months to obtain Chinese VISA.

Because Mt.Kailash area is the restricted area in Tibet, foreign travelers also need to apply for the Alien’s Travel Permit and the Military Permit.

Overland Trip to Kailash from Kathmandu:

You can visit Mt. Kailash from the Tibet side (Lhasa, Shigatse, etc.) or from Kathmandu. All trips must involve the use of a local tour agency. You can travel via Land Cruiser or Helicopter Traveling by overland from Kathmandu in Nepal to Mt. Kailash is a 13-day journey. This is for those who want to experience Kailash but have minimal time. The trip begins from Kathmandu to the Tibetan border at Zhangmu. After the stay in Zhangmu, drive is done to the Lake Manasarovar across widely spread open spaces of the Tibetan Plateau.

By Helicopter: The trip begins by airways from Kathmandu to Nepalganj and continues to Simikot. After Simikot, charter helicopter flight to Hilsa and drive to the Lake Manasarovar across widely spread open spaces of the Tibetan Plateau. Then the most attractive part of the trip to Mt. Kailash and follow the pathway across huge dry plains for Nepalese border lies to the south. Finally, we take the trip back to Kathmandu. This is truly the trip of a lifetime with stunning scenery and cultural highlights.

Accommodation around Kailash: Tented camps or basic guest houses.

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