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Shanghai Tibet Tours by Train

Last updated: October,12 2015

Shanghai Tibet Tours by Train

If you are planning to travel Tibet from Shanghai and interested in a Tibet train journey, we highly recommend our Tibet tours from Shanghai by train. All of the itineraries are specially designed by local travel experts, with the most essential parts of Tibet as well as an unforgettable train journey on the Shanghai to Lhasa train.

Small Group Tours in Tibet from Shanghai by Train

Our Tibet small groups, covers the most popular travel routes in Tibet, are all within 12 people a group in maxim with fixed dates. You can choose your favorite itinerary and pick up a travel date on the tour calendar.

Please Note:
Make sure you arrive in Lhasa on the scheduled date. You need to take the Shanghai to Lhasa train at least 2 days before the fixed tour date so that you can arrive in Lhasa on time, because the 47-hour train journey from Shanghai to Lhasa actually covers three days.

Private Tibet Tours from Shanghai by Train

All the Shanghai Tibet Tour Packages below include a life time train journey from Shanghai to Lhasa, with flexible departure dates and private vehicles according to your requirement. You can also customize your Tibet tour from Shanghai by free online inquiry.