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Where to Store Your Luggage on the Tibet Train

Last updated: November,26 2015

Luggage Space in Soft Sleeper Cabin

In soft sleeper cabin, you can only store your baggage in your compartment. Underneath both lower bunks, there are storage spaces for suitcases. And above the upper bunks, there are also storage areas. As the storage area is limited, soft bags are by far the easiest to store and access.

Soft Sleeper Luggage Storage Space In every soft sleeper compartment, there is a hook and mesh bag on the wall for each berth, where you put some small items. But don't forget to bring all your luggage with you when getting off the train.

1. It is very difficult to access and even difficult to open them up if it is stashed under the bed. So it is suggested to pack all your toiletries, food and gadgets into a utility backpack and keep that on your bed for easy access.
2. Only suitcases smaller than 24” can be put under the lower bunk for the space is 11.8 inches or 30cm’s high.

Luggage Space in Hard Sleeper Cabin

Just like in soft sleeper cabins, there is no separate storage area in each hard sleeper cabin. You can put your luggage under the lower bunks, or put it on the luggage rack over the aisle. But it is not easy to put large or heavy case in the above rack.

Hard Sleeper Luggage Storage Space In hard sleeper cars, there are selves for storing luggage above the windows.

1. Carry the valuable items with you on hard sleeper cabins and keep an eye on your suitcases. 2. Pack all your towers, toothbrushes and other commonly used items in a backpack for easy access.

Luggage Space in Hard Seat Cabin

Hard Seats Luggage Storage Space In hard seats cars, passengers can put their luggage on the selves above.

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