What Tibetan People Think of Qinghai-Tibet Railway


In the past, few people in Tibet knew what a train looked like as most Tibetan people spent their whole life on the plateau and lead a very simple life. In their world, there were only Tsampa, Butter Tea, Pulu and Buddha.
Noaways, many young Tibetan people go to college or go to work in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu or other metroplises of mainland by this highway. Some of them even have never thought of such an opportunity to see the world outside and learn something different from Buddhist scripture.
The Tibetan people who stay in Tibet also lead a new life. Some farmers begin to do business, such as running a small restaurant, a family hotel or just a samll shop. Everyday, they can see lots of travelers from all over the world and sometimes learn a little English from American or British travelers.

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