Changes in Women's Status in Tibet


A day before Mar.8, International Women’s Day, hundreds of Tibetan women gathered in a Tibetan courtyard in Dagar Village, Quxu County of Lhasa to celebrate their own festival.

“It’s really impossible and unimaginable in the past,” said Gornthan, a 77-year-old grandma who was shooting a video under her daughter’s guidance.

“In the old days, only the lords had parties or gatherings, while ordinary women had no status at all, not to mention watching Gorchom circle dance and playing games like this,” said Gornthan.

In old Tibet, it was stipulated that women belonged to “the lowest level of people”, whose life was priced as low as a straw rope.

In recent years, Tibetan women have increasing consciousness in economy and independence, who all wish to realize their self-value with the constantly improved social status.

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