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Is It Possible to Have a Private Soft-sleeper Cabin on the Tibet Train

Last updated: November,18 2015

Whether there is private soft sleeper cabin in a Tibet train or not? It is one of the most frequent asked questions from our former customers who want to book a private cabin on the Tibet train for their own family or group members for more privacy and safety.

If you have the same question, the following information will answer your questions and help you to book your own cabin on a train to Tibet.

Is there any luxury soft sleeper cabin with just two beds in one compartment?

Recently, there isn't any soft sleeper cabin with just two beds on Tibet trains. However, there are deluxe soft sleeper compartments for only two people on some high-speed trains on some popular routes, such as Beijing to Shanghai, Beijing to Xi’an and from Beijing to a few other cities.

On every train to Tibet, there are only two ticket classes of sleeping compartments. The soft sleeper one has 4 soft sleeping berths with a door, and the hard sleeper compartment has 6 hard sleeping berths without a door. By comparison, the soft sleeper is the first-class compartment on Tibet trains. However, you still have to share the room with other travelers if you don't book the whole cabin.

Soft Sleeper Compartment on Tibet Trains On Tibet trains, every first-class soft sleeper compartment has 4 soft sleeper berths, but there is no private shower and wash room in the cabin.

Is it possible to have a private cabin for just the two of us?

Yes, it is possible. Though there is no private cabin onboard, you can book the whole soft sleeper cabin for less than 4 people. You just need to pay for the four beds in the compartment, so that you can take the compartment as your private cabin.

How much will that be to have our private soft cabin?

Just pay for the four beds, including two upper sleeping berths and two lower sleeping berths. However, it is quite hard to occupy the whole cabin in peak season for the short supplement and large demands of Tibet train tickets. So please feel free to contact us for the exact cost of taking a whole cabin in the train to Tibet according to your travel date.

Soft Sleeper Car on Tibet Trains In total, there are only 2 soft sleeper cars with 32 soft sleepers in each on the Tibet train.

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