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Lhasa Railway Station Was Expected to Serve 160,000 Travelers during Chinese New Year

Last updated: February,08 2017

As the annual peak travel season, staged nationwide in China, Chunyun or literally known as world’s largest human migration around Chinese New Year, brought a whopping number of 2.9 billion travelers to use Chinese railway system. This year's Chunyun started from Jan, 13 and would last till Feb, 21,2017 the longest duration over the past 5 years. During these 40 days, Lhasa railway station was expected to serve 160,000 passengers, with a daily flow of 4000 people.

tibetans lhasa railway station
Tibetan passengers were ready to board Tibet train at Lhasa Railway Station.

Different from the heavy workload in other cities of China, the peak travel season at Lhasa Railway Station came earlier and would end quite late. “ Before the Spring Festival, most of the travelers would be migrant workers, students and those who leave Lhasa to Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Beijing, Shanghai for reunion with their families.” the railway staff explained.

lhasa railway station arrival
Huge travel flow during Chinese New Year

“While shortly after the Chinese New Year, the passengers who finished visiting relatives would be the major travel group. They were expected to head back to places like Shigatse, Nagqu, and Amdo, Golmud, and Xining. Meanwhile, the students and migrant workers would return well after Feb,11.” He added.

Due to the huge travel flow, and many baggage taken along with travelers, passengers were suggested getting your train ticket one day before your departure, and it would be much better to arrive at the railway station an hour and a half earlier.

railway station staff
Railway staff was helping travelers with their luggage.

Meanwhile, to facilitate travelers, 6 new Train ticket vending machines became available at Lhasa Railway Station. And additional 5 train ticket offices were open to world-wide travelers. In the main hall of the railway station, staff were deployed to instruct tourists how to buy the tickets and to offer special help.

lhasa railway station ticket office
Line up to buy train ticket at ticket office

Tips for Travelling during Chinese New Year

If you happen to tour Tibet from Beijing  around Chinese New Year, A good solution is to fly from Beijing to Xining (or Lanzhou) and then get train ticket from Xining (or Lanzhou) to Lhasa.

beijing lhasa travel route alternative
Using both flight and train is best solution to travel to Lhasa from Beijing during Chinese New Year.

Though this alternative plan would cost extra 250 US Dollars, per person, it can save up to 21 hours journey on the train, compared with taking direct train from Beijing to Lhasa. Besides when there is a shortage of Beijing Lhasa train tickets, travelling via flight and train can surely nail the Tibet tour as planned. And tourists can still enjoy the highlight of world’s highest train ride, from Xining to Lhasa section.

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