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The New Edition of China Railway Tickets Was Put into Use Last Mounth

Last updated: September,10 2015

The new edition of China railway tickets was put into trail use since August 1st, 2015. It was a pity that the arrival time still not mentioned on the ticket. If it is your first time to take a China Tibet train tour after August, the following information about the new train tickets will help you better understand the train ticket you get for your train tour in China.

What’s the difference between the new and old edition?

1. The name of passenger was put in the same row with the number of ID card or passport used for booking.
2. The departure platform information was moved from the left to right-top corner.
3. The information of issuing station was moved to the bottom after the 21-digit code.
4. Tips and information about the official sites of Ministry of Railways were added on the ticket.

How to Read the New China Railway Ticket?

2015 New Chinese Railway TicketThe New Edition of China Raiwlay Ticket

1. Train Number:
The train number is a capital character, which indicates the type of train, followed by numbers.
G for High-speed Trains (“Gaotie” in Chinese)
C for Intercity Trains (“Chengji” in Chinese)
D for Express Trains (“Dongche” in Chinese)
Z for Direst Express (“Zhida” in Chinese)
T for Express Train (“Tekuai” in Chinese)
K for Fast Train (“Kuaiche” in Chinese)

2. Departure Date & Time shown in yyyy/mm/dd.

3. Ticket Price is shown in RMB

4. Car Number: the number of your compartment.

5. Seat or Berth Number: the number of your seat or sleeping cabin.

6. Berth Position

7. Ticket Class

China Train Ticket TranslationChinese-English Translations of Berth Position and Ticket Classes on China Railway Tickets.

8. Passport Number and Passenger Name:
China implemented real-name policy for train tickets since 2012. That means you need to provide your passport number and name on your passport to purchase a China Tibet train ticket. The ticket with your name and passport number will be checked against your passport, as well as your Tibet Travel Permit.

9. Tips and recommendations for official sites of the Ministry of Railways.

Note: Sometimes the information of departure platform will be listed at the top-right corner of the ticket.

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