How Many Kinds of Tickets on Tibet Trains and What Do They Look Like?

Last updated: August,03 2018

Travelling is one of the most fabulous experiences in life and Tibet greets the tourists with many things. Natural beauty, amazing people, extraordinary religious places and impressive transportation, you can get a piece of heaven here. The railways network has been developed strategically and this changed the region’s transportation system. Locals as well as travellers can travel easily now and they don’t have to face any hassles. This engineering marvel looked impossible but engineers produced something amazing here. Qinghai-Tibet railway caters a large volume of tourists and the infrastructure is absolutely amazing. The journey started in July, 2006 and it has only improved since then.

Potala Palace Potala Palace

Why Tibet’s railway is so popular?

Some factors influenced the choice of people and for this, they prefer the railways. The first one is the ease of access. The booking process is extremely easy and the tickets are available all the time. Secondly, the scenic beauty of the surroundings gives a different kind of thrill to the people and this is something, they can’t ignore. It is not just a train ride, it is a cultural experience. Each station is wonderful and it presents something new to the traveller. The landscape changes forms and Tibet becomes more and more beautiful. From small cities and lakes to farmlands and mountains, this fabulous sightseeing will give you a wholesome experience. Some plateau sceneries come along the way and it makes the trip wonderful.

Travel to Tibet by train Travel to Tibet by train

Different classes of Tibet train tickets

Tickets are available in different classes and this makes all the difference. The travellers get a great deal of flexibility here and they can choose according to their budget and convenience. The first category is hard seat, the second one is hard sleeper and third one is soft sleeper. However, unreserved seats are also available, but they are not suitable for long distance travelling. But in the official records, only the first three are mentioned. The train consists of 12 coaches and the seating arrangement is quite comfortable. Ample leg space is available for travellers and they can relax and travel.

 Tibet train ticket Tibet train ticket

In the front, seat class coaches are present and sleeping facility is not available here. The extremely crucial dining car follows next and then comes the soft sleeper coaches. In the very end, hard sleeper coaches are present. Some coaches are expensive, while some are relatively cheaper.

Dining car on Tibet train Dining car on Tibet train

Tourists can always get in the unreserved coaches, but there is a lot of uncertainty here. These tickets are not announced officially, but they can be helpful at times. Travelling with no specific seats can be a troublesome experience and no tourist will want that. But in case of emergencies, this is an option to consider. Tibet trains are quite popular, so the demand of tickets is very high. To get a comfortable seat, a traveller must resort to advanced booking. This is the only way out. Sleeper classes get filled quite fast and the prices of these tickets are quite expensive.

a. Hard Seat

Travelers often look for cheap means of travel and for them, this is the perfect option. The hard seat can take you to your destination in an affordable way. But the comfort factor is not that high and for long trips, it is not advisable. The fatigue can kick in anytime and the whole journey can be spoiled. The hard-seating coaches have a total of 98 seats and there are four coaches in total. A massive 392 passengers can be accommodated in hard seats. In each row, there five seats and the seats are present alternatively.

Hard seats on Tibet trainHard seats on Tibet train

The cushioned seats offer a cozy feeling, but passengers can’t relax completely. The train passes through dangerous altitudes and the oxygen contain often becomes low. This is why each passenger gets oxygen outlets to tackle with altitude sickness. This is a good move by the authority and passengers face no problems at all. Passengers can easily keep their luggage on the racks, which are just above the widows.

Oxygen oulet on Tibet trainOxygen oulet on Tibet train

b.Hard Sleeper

There is something special about sleeper cars and passengers have every reason to prefer them. The number of hard-sleeper coaches is 8 and Tibet trains have stressed on the improvement of this coach greatly. Ten of these compartments are half-opened. The berths are divided evenly and passengers can pick their berth, according to their choice. Elderly people have a different preference, while younger people prefer a different berth. The berths are divided into three categories and they are upper, middle and lower. As many as 480 hard sleepers are present on the train. As a result, the tickets are easily available, even in the rush hours.

Hard sleeper berthsHard sleeper berths

These compartments are located on a particular side of the Tibet train. The other part of the compartment contains a window, with a couple of specialized seats attached to them. These seats can be pulled down along with a small table situated below. The width of these bunks is 60cm, while the length is 180cm. A good amount of vertical space is also available between the first and second berth. The topmost bunk maintains a distance of 65cm with the roof.

c.Soft Sleeper

To get a completely comfortable experience, soft sleepers should be selected. Private cabins can also be booked, which offer a deluxe experience. The train contains just two soft sleeper coaches and 64 compartments in total. The total number of soft beds is four and the middle berth is not present here. The lower as well as the upper berth are spaced apart and it makes sleeping a joyful experience. In private apartments, the door can always be closed. Some tourists demand privacy and these coached provide them that. Every berth contains a powerful reading light along with the oxygen outlet. The journey becomes pleasant from all sides and altitude sickness creates no problems whatsoever.

Soft sleeper berths Soft sleeper berths

Choosing the right seat

Tourists encounter many things, as they travel by Tibet train. The surrounding atmosphere is truly terrific and the Chinese groups are very friendly. Overall, the vibes are positive and refreshing. Travellers have to take the key decision here and choose a seat that serves them well. The options are wide open and the facilities are also discussed upfront. The hard sleeper offers its own set of advantages, while the soft sleeper offers a calm and private experience. Moreover, price is also an important aspect and travellers have to decide on that as well. Each trip has specific budget and the ticket cost must stay within that. For baby boomers, the choice is governed by a separate set of things. Comfortability, ticket price and distance to be travelled determine everything here.

Charging equipment on Tibet trainCharging equipment on Tibet train

Most importantly, Tibetan railway is highly flexible and several customizable options are provided. It really depends on the discretion of the tourist and the kind of service they want. Hard seats are still better than the ordinary train seats. The railway authority gives a great deal of advantages and passengers will never face any health issues. Moreover, the food is also very good and the quality will surely please the tourists.

 Washtank on Tibet train Washtank on Tibet train

Experience Tibet in a way, you prefer the most and experience the beauty of nature very closely. The real excitement lies in enjoying the trip, everything else can be adjusted.

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