What is the Weather like in Tibet in September

Last updated: August,17 2018

Is visiting Tibet a dream that you have long cherished?

It is true that the moment we hear the name Tibet, we are instantly transported to a land of blue skies and mountains covered by snow, dotted by ancient monasteries where the red-robed monks hum their slow chants daily. A land of pure mysticism, Tibet is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

When it comes to planning a Tibet tour, it is crucial that you choose the most appropriate season to get there.

Do you have September in your mind? Well, then you already have targeted the best time to visit Tibet. You will be greeted by the golden harvest time that will open up its aura of breathtaking natural and cultural diversities. Here, we offer you the detailed information about the weather of Tibet in September, which will help you plan your trip to Tibet in this amazing autumn.

Weather and Temperature of Lhasa in September

A trip to Tibet means that you cannot leave out Lhasa from your itinerary. Lhasa is the religious and spiritual centre of this land. Even though the rest of Tibet might be experiencing freezing weather, you will find Lhasa to be relatively warm, with the average daily temperature fluctuating from around 20 degree Celsius in the morning to about 8 degree Celsius at night. Halting in Lhasa to acclimatize to the altitude is a good idea, before you hit the higher slopes of Tibet, to prevent altitude sickness.

Weather and Temperature of Everest Base Camp in September

September is one of the best times for trekking to the base camp of Mt Everest which is just 7 hours away from Shigatse, which is Tibet’s second largest town. Traveling to the Everest Base Camp to behold the spectacle of the highest mountain in the world is indeed a dream come true for many. The latter half of September is a good time to trek to the EBC with the summit winds getting drier and fewer chances of rainfall. The fall season comes with clear weather and the temperature being expected to hover around 0 degrees at night to about 17 degrees Celsius in the morning.

  Everest Base Camp in September  September is one of the best times to enjoy an Everest Base Camp trekking tour.

Weather and Temperature of Mount Kailash (Ngari) in September

Visiting Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar in Ngari is steeped in religious sentiments for many people. The month of September is especially suitable because of the remote chances of rain and snowstorms, right after the end of the monsoon. The temperature ranges anywhere from mild to warm to about 20 degrees Celsius in the morning and daytime to about 2 degrees at night. Rich in spellbinding natural beauty, Ngari located in the western part of Tibet will never disappoint the explorer as well as the spiritual soul in you.

Weather and Temperature of Lake Namtso in September

The Namtso Lake in Tibet, located at an altitude of 4718 meters is best visited during September. This lake is said to be one of the most beautiful high altitude salt lakes in the world. You can plan a day trip or even stay overnight, provided the weather conditions are favourable. The warm and sunny mornings gradually melt into a gorgeous and peacefully scintillating sunset that you will find thoroughly fulfilling. There might be snow covered patches on the way or around the lake, and you must book accommodation beforehand for a comfortable stay at Namtso Lake.

  Lake Namtso in September  Visit Namtso Lake in September

Weather and Temperature of Nyingchi in September

Nyingchi is typically characterized by verdant greenery all around and gorgeous autumn weather during September, just after the monsoon season has departed. The beautiful weather and abundant natural beauty rightfully have earned the name "Jiangmen of Tibet” which means the most fertile and prosperous area in Tibet. A cold and pleasant breezy weather during Autumn month is inviting to carry our expeditions and explorations across the place. The temperature ranges between 2 degrees to 16 degrees Celsius in Nyingchi.

What to See When Visit Tibet in September

When in Tibet, you cannot afford to miss visiting the Potala Palace, which is one of the most ancient palaces in the world. Its altitude and architecture are what makes it a spectacular sight for all to behold.

Also, the Jokhang Temple, which is the main spiritual centre of all Buddhist pilgrims in Tibet, is another must- visit in Tibet. Visiting the Drepung Monastery, Lake Yumdrok, Lake Namtso and others are certain to sweep you off your feet with stunning natural landscapes.

  Visit Jokhang Temple in September  Visit Jokhang Temple in September

Tourism gains its full swing by the end of September in Tibet when explorers get to witness a wide variety of cultural activities and festivals held by the Tibetans too. Two of the major festivals in Tibet are celebrated in September and marks opulence and traditional grandeur that is worth witnessing

The Bathing Festival is usually held during mid-September and lasts for about a week. During this festival, Tibetans take a dip in the waters of the holy rivers, which according to the Tibetan customs, frees them of evil and bad luck. It is believed that during this time of the month, Venus appears in the sky and brings it, the power to heal diseases and misfortunes.

The Ongkor Festival is held every year by the end of September. It is the time of Tibet’s golden harvest. Traditional dances, singing, rituals, archery, horse riding and various other activities are held during this time when it is time to reap their harvest around the farms.

Travel Tips for Visiting Tibet in September

Given that the average temperature of Tibet ranges around 4 to 21 degrees Celsius, autumn is bound to be the best time to explore Tibet when you have packed in the appropriate woollen garments. And due to the higher oxygen saturation in the atmosphere during autumn, altitude sickness is also less likely to set in. It will help you to visit places of much higher elevations like Manasarovar and Everest Base Camp.

However, owing to various restrictions, getting to Tibet can be pretty difficult. There are different rules and criteria implemented by the Chinese authorities that need absolute adherence. But once you are finally able to cross the border and set foot in Tibet, you are bound to be fascinated by the profusion of natural beauty that this region holds.

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