Is it Really Easy to Get Altitude Sickness by Flying to Tibet

Last updated: August,17 2018

High altitude sickness is quite a common issue that you may occur in Tibet. There are lots of articles on the Internet pointing that it is easy to get altitude sickness by taking a flight to Tibet. Is it true? This guidance will show you the difference of altitude between the major cities of China and Lhasa to offer you a clear impression. You can also know how to avoid high altitude sickness if you determines to fly to Lhasa for a Tibet tour.

Do you want to know the best way to get to Tibet with less effect of the high altitude? Read this guidance carefully and you will be clear enough on these information.

The Difference of Altitude between the Major Cities of Mainland China and Lhasa

When it comes to high altitude sickness, many people will be worried about this problem too much. You should have an idea that this issue is mainly caused by the high altitude of a place you just get to. The thin air and strange environment conditions will make you a bit uncomfortable. The symptoms of high altitude sickness differ among people of different genders, ages, physical and mental conditions. As for whether it is simple to get this sickness via flying to Tibet, you can check out the following data in the chart to have a brief knowledge on the altitude difference.

Major CityAverage Altitude
Lhasa 3656m
Xining 2250m
Chengdu 503m
Xi'an 415m
Chongqing 273m
Beijing 57m
Guangzhou 26m
Shanghai 9m

As you can see, the altitude difference between China main cities and Lhasa is quite big and this is one main reason that may result in high altitude sickness.

You can take a flight from these main cities to Tibet by saving much time, but the result is that you may be much easier to suffer high altitude sickness. When you first reach the level of more than 3600m altitude, you will get a bit anxious on this issue. However, this is not a serious problem that should affect your Tibet tour. The significant thing is to enjoy the Tibet trip and come up with some ideas to prevent or treat high altitude sickness when it occurs. It is just that you need some time to adapt to the high altitude. In fact, people live in high altitude areas for a quite long time and they have the ability to adapt to such environment very well.

How to Avoid High Altitude Sickness from Flying to Tibet

After you have known the altitude difference between China main cities and Lhasa, you should begin to collect some tips to avoid high altitude sickness once you decide to book a flight to begin your Tibet tourism.

Things to Do Before Visiting Tibet

You can make an exercising plan and work out according to it. Thus, you can get a healthy body to be prepared to go to Tibet. Know some methods to cope with high altitude sickness by searching these information online or read some books on that aspect. Thus, you can get prepared for your Tibet tour psychologically. Cold should be avoided before you go to Tibet, for it can make your physical condition weak, which is not good for you to adapt to high altitude.

Things to Do After Your Arrival in Lhasa

It is suggested to stay in Lhasa for several days to adapt to the high altitude according to your own conditions. You can have a good sightseeing in Lhasa to open up your eyes. You’d better keep a quiet mind and do not do strenuous activities. Having a good rest is the first thing you should consider.

We do not advise you to drink alcohol on the first two days after your arrival in Tibet. Enough water or snacks with high caloric content are strongly recommended. Shower is not recommended at the first two days you are in Lhasa, for you may probably suffer from cold if you do so.

   Arrival in Lhasa  Have a good rest after your arrival in Lhasa.

Please pay attention to dietetic hygiene to avoid gastrointestinal disorders. Bear in mind the significance of gradual ascent. In addition to the normal medications for traveling, it is sensible to bring high altitude medication. You can seek suggestions from your doctor.

It is important to tell your guide quickly if you are under the weather and follow your guide's suggestions. You can ask your tour operator to bring you an oxygen cylinder if you think you would need it. Our agency always pack up with an oxygen cylinder in the car in case our customers need.

Choose a Reliable Tour Operator

It is sensible for you to choose a good and reliable tour agency to join in a small group tour in Tibet with appropriate itineraries for you to acclimatize the high altitude, temperature and thin atmosphere in Tibet plateau. A reliable tour operator also means a good service during the trip, such as the experienced travel guide can respond quickly to the customers who get altitude sickness, and the agency can offer professional safety and healthy support during the journey.

The Best Way to Get to Tibet with Less Effect of the High Altitude

If you want to get to Tibet with less effect of the high altitude, you’d better go there by train instead of by air. As the train takes you to climb to higher altitude slowly, which is quite effective for you to adapt to the high altitude. The smooth ascending elevation will do you much help.

Besides, the trains are all equipped with oxygen and other necessary equipment to cope with high altitude sickness of passengers. When the Tibet Train moves up to Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Zone, the Oxygen set in the train will begin to emit to the whole cabin by temperature and air pressure controlling system. It mostly lower the difficulty of traveling on such a high altitude, like headache, out of breath inside cabins filled with Oxygen. The altitude, temperature, driving speed are displayed on each cabin as well.

   Tibet train  Take tibet train to advoid high altitude sickness.

You can also get the private Oxygen masks on the train no matter what kind of ticket you buy. In sleeping berth car, you are also able to find the Oxygen Supply tube and mask on each cabin in case any emergency occurs. The air pressure inside train is automatically controlled to enable you to feel as moving in a zone of low altitude. The glass window of Tibet Train also has the function to prevent from ultraviolet rays. With lots of caring, The Tibet Train is considered as the best Train exploring on the roof of the word.

What’s more, the beautiful scenery outside of the train window will also be useful to reduce your mental pressure, and you can also talk to other passengers happily to know various cultures.

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