How to Cut Down Your Tibet Nepal Tour Price

Last updated: August,19 2018

As for many people, cheaper price counts when they choose to travel to Tibet and Nepal. However, do you know how to cut down your Tibet Nepal tour prices? If you have no idea on what to do, you can check out the contents in this guidance. You will know that the best method to cut down the price of your Tibet Nepal tour is to take part in a group. There are also other solutions to save tourism money, which will be introduced in this guidance as well.

Join in a Group Tour

No everyone knows the advantages to cutting down price by joining in a group. As the best way to save Tibet Nepal tour expenditure, group tour has more good aspects, which will be stated as below.

Cheaper than Private Tour

Someone may want to enjoy the private tour in Tibet and Nepal with more flexibility, but it will cost you lots of money. As for common people, group tour is more cost-efficient, for you can share the cost of accommodations, transportation and other facilities and necessary packages, which can benefit all group members indeed. When you travelling with different members, you can also communicate with each other for travelling experiences and cultural differences. To have some food together and follow the same guide will also cut down the tour price to some extent. When there are some sudden situations, you and your group members can share the emergency packages as well, such as the high altitude sickness, slight cold and mild fever.

Join in Tibet Nepal Group TourBy Joining in a group tour, you can save a lot on the cost of your Tibet Nepal tour.

One-stop Group Packages Service

If you join a small group arranged by a local tour agency like us, the tour operator will help you to apply some necessary documents for you to enter Tibet and Nepal. The one-stop service characteristics will benefit a lot when you are in strange places, which will make you save much time and money to some degree. You can enjoy your Tibet Nepal travel at ease without any worries.

Various Kinds of Well-arranged Itineraries

If you choose a reliable Tibet tour agency, it will arrange the itineraries well according to your needs, which can save you much time. It is really a hard work to plan the travel itinerary on one’s own, for you may have to search for lots of information online, which may make you very tired and confused. The itineraries of Tibet Nepal group tour have developed quite maturely with years of experience, which almost contains all the popular attractions in Tibet and Nepal.

For example, if you are planning a Tibet tour, you can choose the 4-day Lhasa city small group tour to enjoy the full sightseeing of Lhasa to visit some famous temples and great places. The 8-day group tour from Lhasa to Everest is also a good one for you to join in, and spectacular scenery will be fall into your eyes. If your time is enough, you can also book the 10-day Everest Base Camp with Lake Namtso group tour or the 15-day Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar group tour, which enables you to know the culture and history of Tibet further, and you can’t miss the picturesque scenery on the way. Some Lhasa to Kathmandu itineraries are also quite wonderful if you want to have a good view in both Tibet and Nepal in one trip.

Other Methods to Cut down Price of Your Tibet Nepal Tour

Except joining in a group to realize your goal of budget Tibet and Nepal tour, you can also apply some other tricks to cut down your tour price, such as booking in advance, setting about the tour in low season and arrange a group by yourself etc.

Book in Advance

The tour in Tibet and Nepal has obvious high and low season, which reminds you to book tickets and the group tour in advance in case the prices increase in peak season. You should pay much attention to the tickets of Tibet trains, for it will be quite difficult for you to buy one ticket in the high season. The service charges will become much higher in peak season as well.

If you book in advance, the travelling cost can be decreased to some degree. You can also book the accommodation and vehicles before the high season to make it easier for you to have a good rest and travel smoothly in Tibet and Nepal. You can imagine the annoying situation that you have arranged your time well but you can’t get one ticket. In order to avoid this problem, planning and booking necessary tickets, facilities in advance are quite necessary.

Travel in Low Season

As Tibet and Nepal are quite cold in winter, and this season is absolutely the low season. The harsh environment and great snow fall make it hard for tourists to go many attractions in Tibet and Nepal. However, the cost of transportation and accommodation will be much lower than that of high season. Although the temperature is quite low, there are also some gorgeous places for tourists to visit.

Group Photo Taken in the Eastern Courtyard of Potala PalaceLhasa city in Tibet is also suitable for tourists to visit in winter.

For instance, Lhasa city in Tibet is also quite attractive in winter for travelers, for the city and its surroundings are open to tourists and they are not too cold with much sunshine. It is still suitable for you to travel there in winter. You can have the chance to visit many temples in Lhasa with lower cost and fewer people. The great view will purify your soul to a great degree.

More Team Members with Less Cost

If you have the time and ability to arrange a group tour by yourself, you can enroll more team members to travel together to cut down the cost. The more people in a group, the less cost of the tour will be realized. Many people may have travelled with friends and family members, and the shared things can be various, such as the necessities, transportation, medicines, accommodations and so on.

However, you should know that 8 to 9 people in a group is the most ideal number. If the number is too big, there will be much trouble in the process and the travel time may be much harder to manage. You need also be familiar with the Tibet and Nepal environment and paths to act as one good guide in the tour. You can save much money in enjoying the guide service and other service of a tour operator.

These methods to cut down the price of Tibet and Nepal tour are effective, which has been proved by many touring facts and reviews of travelers. If you have gone over reading this guidance, you can now begin to prepare your budget Tibet Nepal tour in advance. If you choose our tour agency to help the preparations, you can spare much time to do other things and there is no need for you to worry about the documents applications at all with the one-stop service pattern. Various itineraries can be chosen according to your preferences, and to share the group tour package is really a wonderful merit to cut down the tour price. We sincerely stick to the principle of putting customers in the first place to serve you to finish your Tibet and Nepal trip with satisfaction and unforgettable memories.

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