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Last updated: August,19 2018

Although a large number of people set out to Tibet and Nepal for travelling, the best for them may be different from each other, for they may have various trip purposes. Some may want to view the best scenery, which calls for the best weather conditions. Some tourists may desire to go trekking to Everest to experience the fantastic scenery in the world peak and challenge themselves. Some may like to join to experience the local culture of Tibet and Nepal, which requires the time period when the festivals and gatherings are held. As for some travelers who plan to have a budget Tibet Nepal tour, the cheaper price in low seasons meets their demands to the most. If you are just wondering the details on the best time to visit these two places, you may be lucky to go over this guidance.

Best Time for the Best Scenery for a Tibet Nepal Tour

In the aim of viewing the best scenery in Tibet and Nepal, you need to take the weather conditions into consideration. As for rains, fogs and other unpleasant weather may result in bad mood and the road conditions to a great degree.

Best Time for a Tibet Tour

The period from March to May is the spring of Tibet, in which you may find the weather is mild. The sunshine is plenty and the clouds are limited. The clear weather during this time period offers great conditions to appreciate stunning scenery in Tibet. The temperature is also crisp, but you will not suffer great coldness. It is really a wonderful time to count stars under skies in the evening with someone you love. The mountains will be the best scenery in your eyes. The snow on the ground may also add fun and beauty to your Tibet tour in spring, for it covers the landscape with purity. It will be comfortable for you to have walks around the holy lakes in Tibet, such as Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Lake, and Manasrovar Lake and etc.

Visit Beautiful Yamdrok Lake in SpringSpring is a perfect time for trekking around the holy lakes in Tibet.

When summer comes, Tibet will be quite warm, but you may also have the chance to see snow fall across the Tibetan Plateau. However, you need to pay attention to raining during this period of time, which may make the road quite muddy and hard to pass by. The thick cloud during summer time may also prevent you from obtaining clear views of the world peak mountain and the ranges of Himalaya. Except the rain and clouds, summer is always the best time for you to view other beautiful highlights in Tibet - endless green and numerous Tibetan nomads.

After summer time, the temperature may become lower from September to mid-November. You will see clear skies when the rains are over, which enables you to get the best views of the Tibet scenery. Limitless lush grasses can make you happy and feel the great vitality in Tibet Plateau. When the leaves begin falling down, the ground will become quite colorful. This scene will move you indeed. As for photography lovers, autumn will be the best time for them to record the most beautiful scenery during the Tibet tour.

Winter is the coldest season in Tibet from mid-November to February. The heavy snow and the ices on the road will surely hinder many roads and tracks for you to explore Tibet, which makes the trip to Tibet impossible in some regions, let alone viewing the best scenery.

Therefore, you can choose the best time to view gorgeous scenery in Tibet according to your personal interests. The Tibet scenery varies in different seasons, and the beautiful scenery has its own characteristics every month.

Best Time for a Nepal Tour

The Nepal tour is also popular among people, and its weather conditions are not the same in four seasons. To grasp the chance to appreciate the beautiful scenery in different seasons will leave you deep impression in a lifetime.

During the monsoon season, namely the summer time from June to September, the temperatures are really high and the intermittent rains are common in Nepal. We recommend you to go to Nepal at the end of the monsoon season to view the flourishing and green scenery on the mountains and ground.

From October to November, it is regarded as the autumn of Nepal with comfortable temperatures and few rainy days. The visibility will also become good in this period of time, and you can enjoy the fresh air and clear skies while appreciating other spectacular scenery in the Himalayas.

We do not suggest you to explore Nepal from December to February, for the cold weather and the snowy days will destroy your mood and it may also be difficult for you to climb mountains to view great sceneries and landscapes.

When spring comes to Nepal, the temperatures are mildly warm and only occasional showers during this period of time. On the road, you will be attracted by various colorful flowers and green grasses begin to flourish to add beauty to the ground. It is really fun to enjoy the occasional murmur of streams and kora around wonderful lakes to purify your soul.

Best Time for Everest Trekking in Tibet and Nepal

As for the Mount Everest tour in Tibet and Nepal, the best time is from April to May, and even until mid-June. During this period of time, the temperature is moderately mild and travelers can catch the clear view of the peak. It is really the greatest time for mountaineers to climb the Everest.

Clear Peak View of Moutn EverestIt is suggested to trekking Everest during the season of autumn.

Besides, the time period from September to November is the second ideal choice for mountaineers to go hiking on Mt. Everest, because there is also a good chance for tourists to view the wonderful state of the highest mountain in the world. The climbers in this season will also be numerous. The weather in this season is neither too hot nor too cold, which makes people feel quite comfortable. Meanwhile, the opportunity to view the panorama of Mt. Everest is precious.

Best Time to Experience Local Culture

There are various festivals in both Tibet and Nepal, and they are all great chances for travelers to experience the local culture and know the religion of local people more deeply. If you just visit Nepal and Tibet during their great celebration of traditional festivals, you will gain unforgettable experience in a lifetime.

Dance for Tibetan New Year CelebrationWhen visit Tibet during January to February, one can experience the Tibetan New Year celebration.

As for Tibet, we recommend you give up the high season from April to October and choose to go there from January to February, which will be the best time to join the Buddhist festivals and diverse cultural events to enjoy the carnival atmosphere to the most. For instance, during this period of time, you may have the chance to take part in the Tibetan New Year, Butter Lamp Festival and so on. If you deicide to go for a trip to Tibet from May to August, you may have the opportunity to enjoy the happy scenes of the Saga Dawa Festival, Shoton festival, Gyntse Gamar Festival, and etc.

As for Nepal, Dashain Festival and always falls in the late of September and Teej Festival may fall between August and September. From March to May, you can have the chance to join the Ghode Jatra Festival and the Buddha Jayanti Festival in Nepal. Between October and November, Tihar Festival may be in your trip itinerary.

Therefore, if you really be fond of experiencing the local culture of Tibet and Nepal via joining in certain festival activities, you need to check out the specific date of the festival you are interested in carefully, for there is some differences between the solar calendar and the Tibetan calendar. You can also contact us to know which festival you may join in during your group tour.

Best Time for Cheaper Price

There are many tourists planning to go on cheaper trips in Tibet and Nepal, which may save them some money to do something else. The best time to enjoy a budget tour in these two locations is in the low season, which is just the winter time period, from November and the end of January. You can have the chance to enjoy the facilities and services in a fairly less money. The discount will be great in winter, for the weather is quite cold and travelers are much less than the peak season. The snow-covered road may be hard for you to walk and some ways may also be blocked by heavy snows and ices.

Having known the best time to have a trip to Tibet and Nepal according to different needs, you can now begin to schedule your tourism by referring to the above-mentioned contents. If you choose us to offer you the service, we will be quite glad to help you to get the perfect Tibet and Nepal tour. Believe in our reputation and experience, and you will have a comfortable trip and enjoy the activities to the utmost.

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