Mount Kailash Pictures: See What You Will Experience during the Real Kailash Kora

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Meaning the “mountain of gods” in Tibetan language, the holy Mount Kailash is recognized as the “center of the world” by Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan native religion, and ancient Jainism. A sacred circuit around the Mount Kailash, namely the Kailash kora, is probably the world’s best walk that a significant number of people dream to take.

For devout believers the kora is a lifetime journey of faith. While for ordinary travelers, the trek is not only an adventurous trip to prove oneself, but also a rare chance to discover the real beauty of Tibet in the most primitive mountainous area. If you are planning to take a Mount Kailash kora at the moment, it is a good idea to take a preview of what you will experience during the real Kailash kora. Read the following guidance to find the best answers for yourself.


    A Brief of the Mount Kailash Kora

    The total trekking distance for one circle around Mount Kailash is 56 km, with the starting and ending points at the small valley of Darchen. For experienced trekkers and local Tibetans, the Kailash kora may be completed in one day. While for the rest of the tourists with average fitness, it will normally take two to four days to hike the entire trail.

    Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to complete the Kailash kora in 3 days. In this case, it will not cause too much harm to the body and it is also a big test of physical strength. Most importantly, in three days’ Kailash kora, you can take your time to appreciate the sceneries along the way.

    What to Experience during the Kailash Kora by Real Photos?

    1) Breathtaking Natural Scenery by Real Kailash Pictures

    Trekking in Tibet can always be accompanied with fascinating sceneries. During your kora around Mount Kailash, you will walk through barren plateaus, green valleys, narrow passes, and take in the unique alpine landscapes of turquoise lakes, winding alpine rivers, snow-covered mountains, crystal glaciers etc.

    Beautiful scenery at Mount KailashOne can enjoy breathtaking alpine scenery during Kailash trek.

    Shaped like a pyramid with glittering snowy peak, Mount Kailash itself is also a beautiful witness to the forces of nature. Throughout the trek, you will see the stunning view of the mountain peak from different sides.

    Snowy Kailash PeakGetting to see the snowy Kailash peak during the trek.

    2) Pilgrims and Locals during Kailash Kora

    One the way, you will find yourself share the kora path with flocks of pilgrims. Some of them even have saved for years to make this trip. Whether you are a believer or not, you will feel deeply inspired and touched, while seeing these pilgrims prostrating devotionally during the kora.

    Pilgrims prostrating during Kailash KoraIt is touching to see pilgrims prostrating during the Kailash Kora.

    The local Tibetans are always friendly and warm-hearted. When you say “Tashi Delek” (meaning welcome and best wishes in Tibetan) to the locals you meet, they will always give you a grateful smile.

    Local Tibetans during Kailash KoraJoining the team of the local Tibetans during Kailash kora.

    3) Tibetan Prayer Flags and Mani Stones by Kailash Photos

    You can easily find some unacquainted things which turn out to have religious meanings. One of them is the prayer flags floating over mountain pass or spreading across the mountain. Especially, at Drolma La Pass (5673m), the highest point of the whole trekking route, there is a sea of prayer flags. Used to promote good will and compassion by local Tibetans, these prayer flags also add more vigor and color to the ice-cold mountain, becoming a popular photographing spot among many tourists.

    Prayer flags at Mount KailashPrayer flags add more color to the plain mountain scenery.

    Another is the Mani stones piled together at the roadside. Inscribed with six syllabled mantra of Avalokiteshvara (Om mani padme hum), Mani stones are referred as a form of prayer in Tibetan Buddhism. There are also some original stones without any inscription, piled by the pilgrims along their kora, a simplified version of Mani stones.

    Mani stones at Mount KailashThere are Mani stones of all kinds piled at the roadside of the kora trail.

    4) Tibetan-style Temples around Mount Kailash

    There are five historic Tibetan-style temples that you will possibly see on your hike. Each monastery is endowed with different legendary stories and decorated by distinctive sculptures, statues, murals, thangkas and other Tibetan cultural objects. Among them, Dira-puk Monastery and the Dzultripuk Monastery provide the basic accommodation for trekkers to stay the night on the first and second day of the kora.

    Tibetan-style temples around Mount KailashTibetan-style temples around the kora can provide basic accommodation for trekkers.

    5) Kailash Tour Photos with Group Members

    It is not suggested to do the Kailash kora alone by yourself, for it is extremely dangerous and inconvenient. Taking the kora together with your close friends or families will be meaningful for each other. While, in some case, some of you coming to Tibet alone may join a group of strangers with different backgrounds. In this occasion, you will probably make new friends with your group members as you go through difficulties together and help with each other during the trek. See details of 15 days Lhasa Kailash Manasarovar group tour

    Taking Kailash Kora with group membersIt is a great experience to take Kailash kora with members from different backgrounds.

    6) Kailash Photos Showing the Challenge of the Climb

    The Mount Kailash kora is indeed a tough challenge, which will be completed at an average altitude of 5000 m. During the kora, tourists will face many physical and mental challenges, like exhaustion, altitude sickness etc. The key to avoid the altitude sickness is to drink plenty of water and give yourself enough time to adjust. Once you have accomplished the kora, it will become a lifetime experience that you will memorize and be proud of.

    Snowy road of Kailash KoraOur tourists are challenging the snowy trail during Kailash kora.

    7) Photo with Tibetan Guides during the Kora

    As a foreign traveler to enjoy a Kailash tour, you are required to join an organized tour accompanied by a local guide, as long as you are travelling within the region of Tibet. As a leading tourism operator in Tibet, we provide professional services to our clients throughout their trip in Tibet. The guide accompanying to do the kora are all local Tibetans with years of experiences. They will not only tell the first-hand stories about the kora, but also take good care of you to complete a safe journey.

    Kailash Kora with local guideEnjoying the Kailsh kora tour accompanied by our local guide.

    Of course, there are more than to be explored except for the abovementioned. To sum up, the kora around the holy Mount Kailash will be a meaningful journey that can let you experience the essence of Tibetan landscapes, culture and religion, and test the limit of your physical strength and willpower at the same time. As the saying goes, it is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times. If you feel yourself well-prepared and high-spirited, just contact us to join in our customized Mount Kailash tours. A lifetime expedition is waiting for you!

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