Age Limit for Kailash Manasarovar Trek: is there any age restriction for Kailash Kora?

Last updated: February,22 2023

Mount Kailash, far out in the west of Tibet, in the far Ngari Prefecture, is the sacred mountain of four religions. The mountain is also the location of one of the hardest and most popular treks in Tibet. However, there is no upper age limit for tourists heading for the mountain to tackle this awesome hike around the most sacred mountain on the planet. As with most things in Tibet, age is no bar for any of the amazing activities you can take part in while traveling on the high Tibetan plateau. What is more important is your level of fitness. Taking on the arduous hike around the sacred mountain means you need to be fit enough to be able to complete it, not younger. There is no age limit for hiking in Tibet, as long as you are active and fit enough to manage the terrain and hard climbs.


    Tailor-make your private Kailash tour rather than group tour

    You can tailor your tour of Mount Kailash in Tibet to suit your own personal needs, if you wish. This can make the trip a little easier for those that are unsure of their ability to complete the trek at higher altitudes. One of the best ways to help you in this trek is to take an extra day to acclimatize while you are in Darchen, before heading out on the hike. Acclimatizing properly is an important step in preparing for the trek, and you can make sure you are fully ready to climb up the high pass with an added day to adjust.

    Enjoying a private tour to Mt. KailashWe can tailor-make a private Kailash tour for you

    Another way for senior travelers to gauge whether they are ready to tackle the whole Kailash Kora Trek is to take on the first day as a trial. The trekking from Darchen (or Sarshung Village) to Drirapuk Monastery is one of the easier days of the trek. You can take the first day of trekking to the monastery as a trial hike, and continue around the rest of the trek if you feel comfortable with the hiking level. However, if you feel that you are not ready for the harder section of the trek, you can spend the second day heading back to Darchen. This still gives you the chance to trek along the valley beside the sacred mountain, without the hard climb up the pass. And you still get the great views of at least three of the four faces of this ancient sacred pilgrimage destination.

    Expert’s tips for the seniors visiting Kailash

    For anyone planning a trip to Mount Kailash, there are some serious matters to take into consideration before the trip. And for seniors, there are additional considerations to be taken into account.

    Something for everyone to consider, especially seniors, is their health and level of fitness. It is important for you to get your doctor’s approval before taking on such a demanding and exhausting hike at one of the highest altitudes in the world. Visit your own personal doctor at home before you travel, and get a check up to make sure that you are healthy enough for the trek. Advise your doctor that you are intending to head to an extreme altitude for a trekking trip, and listen carefully to their health advice. Any advice given by your doctor should always be taken seriously.

    For everyone hiking at high altitudes, it is important to ascend gradually, to reduce the risk of altitude sickness while you are hiking. Ascending too high too quickly can mean a higher risk of altitude sickness while you are trekking. And the higher you are, the more dangerous the symptoms of altitude sickness can be. You should also sleep at an altitude that is lower than the highest point that you have reached in your ascent throughout the day. Your body will try to adjust to the highest altitude you reach. By descending slightly for the night’s sleep, you are giving your body a boost in its acclimatization ability. This can be very beneficial for those trekking at high altitudes.

    The trek around the sacred Mount Kailash is rated as the hardest trek in Tibet. And while it may not be the hardest trek in the world, this is a rough and arduous hike, which should not be underestimated. While you may not need to carry a tent with you, it can be advisable, in case there is no room in the monastery guesthouses. You will also need to carry all of the equipment and clothing you will need for the whole trek, which can make your pack heavier than you may be able to manage at these higher altitudes. One way around this is to hire a yak and porter to carry the bulk of your equipment for the duration of the trek. These are normally arranged by your tour guide once you arrive in Darchen, but you do need to let us know that you require it before traveling. This can make the trek a little less harrowing for you and your friends or family.

    Altitude sickness is no joke, and the higher you go, the more serious the symptoms can become. It is important that you inform your guide if you are feeling the effects of altitude sickness, or are feeling ill in any way at all. All of our guides are well-trained in treating altitude sickness, and recognizing when it is more serious, and can make sure that you get the treatment you need to remain healthy and alive. And make sure that you inform your guide of any other illness or bad feelings you have, so that you can be cared for properly, and taken to a lower altitude or a clinic, as necessary.

    Alternative easier and lighter treks in Tibet for the elderly

    If the idea of trekking around mount Kailash seems a little too daunting for you, then there are other great treks that you can tackle in Tibet instead. While they may be easier than the amazing Kailash Kora trek, they are just as outstanding in terms of scenery and views, and you will be just as amazed at the sights and sounds of the plateau.

    2-day Shalu to Nartang trek

    The 2-day trek from Shalu to Nartang is an awesome religious trail trek that takes you between two amazing monasteries in the Shigatse area of Tibet. The route of the trek follows an ancient trade route that once ran between the two ancient monasteries. A shorter trek than most in Tibet, the experience is filled with wondrous scenery and amazing mountain views.

    Shalu to Nartang trekShalu to Nartang trek is a shorter trek of Tibet

    Often rated as one of the best countryside treks in the region, you will pass through several local Tibetan villages along the course of the route, as well as stopping to visit the fascinating Ngor Monastery. While this is only a short two day trekking experience, it is well worth taking for seniors looking for an easier option to Mount Kailash, as the trekking days are shorter and less tiring. There is a nice climb up to the pass at Char-La, though, at an altitude of 4,550 meters, which has some spectacular views of the mountains and the surrounding countryside.

    4-day Ganden to Samye trek

    Another great trek to tackle in Tibet is the four-day hike from Ganden Monastery to Samye Monastery. The trek can be done in just three days, if you push along harder to complete each day with a longer distance. However, it is not advised, since you will miss out on some amazing views in your hurry. The trek starts at the Ganden Monastery just outside Lhasa, and runs for four days to the famous Samye Monastery in Shannan Prefecture, also known as Lhoka.

    Ganden to Samye trekAppreciating the picturesque scenery in Ganden to Samye trek

    The hike between these two famous monasteries is one of stunning mountain views, awesome natural landscapes, and the small local villages and communities that lie in the mountains that separate Ganden from Samye. While not quite as arduous as the Kailash Kora Trek, this is a harder hike in Tibet, due to the high elevation of the route through the mountains. However, with its challenging mountain views and beautiful alpine lakes, this is one trek that is well worth taking.

    4-day Tsurphu to Yangpachen trek

    Renowned as one of the most classic treks in Tibet, this 4-day hike from Tsurphu Monastery to Yangpachen Monastery is a unique chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Tibetan plateau and the outstanding alpine pastures of the Lhasa region of Tibet. The trek starts at Tsurphu Monastery after the drive from Lhasa, and takes you through rolling hills and remote pastureland filled with nomadic herders and their herds of yaks.

    Tsurphu to Yangpachen trekTrekking from Tsurphu Monastery to Yangpachen Hot Spring

    The trek takes you from the beautiful Tsurphu Monastery to the Dorje Ling Ani Gompa, a nunnery at Yangpachen, where you can take tea with the nuns. Passing through amazing countryside, you actually crest several high passes, including Lasar La at 5,300 meters, and Damchen la at 5,200 meters. Then you will make the final hike to the nunnery at Yangpachen, which lies near the local hot springs, which you can relax in after your long trek.


    Hiking in Tibet around Mount Kailash really has no age limit, and as long as you are healthy and fit enough to tackle this amazing hike, then there is no problem for seniors wanting to tackle the trek. For those that do want to try the trek, make sure you get approval from your doctor first, to make sure that you are healthy enough to manage it. And if you feel it may be too much for you for now, there are plenty of other treks you can try out instead.

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