The Best Everest View Hotel for Your Nepal Tibet Tour

Last updated: August,20 2019

The Himalayas are the highest mountain range in the world. The range boasts 9 of the world's 10 highest peaks. And you can find 8 of those scattered throughout Nepal and Tibet. Lhotse, Makalu and Cho Oyu are a few of them. Yet, mighty Mount Everest overshadows them all. It stands at the 8848-meter (29030-feet) altitude at present.

We say "at present" because the Indian tectonic plate is pushing into the Eurasian plate as we speak. Hence, the height of the world's highest peak is still increasing for a few millimeters per year.

Thanks to its imposing height that tears the universe apart, sighting the peak is a great scenic experience. And there are many places in Tibet and Nepal from where you can admire views of Mt. Everest. Besides vast expanses and campsites, conveniently located hotels are also among those places. So, read on to learn which hotels offer the best views of Mount Everest that you can choose to stay during your Tibet Nepal tour.

Tibet Hotels Offering the Best Views of Mount Everest

You can find Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse next to the Rongbuk monastery. And these are probably the world's highest guesthouse and monastery at an altitude of 5100 meters (16730 feet) above the sea level. What bring us to these places, however, are extraordinary Mt. Everest views that will be a highlight of your Tibet tour. The world's highest peak, some 25 km/15 mi distant, is visible at the end of the nearby valley flanked by mountains.

Rongbuk Monastery GuesthouseRongbuk Monastery Guesthouse is next to the Rongbuk Monastery at an altitude of 5100 meters.

Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse offers simple accommodation. It has around 30 rooms with over a hundred beds on offer. Some rooms have views of the Mount Everest's summit. Note that the guesthouse is usually fully booked during the high seasons. These last from April to June and between September and November. It is highly suggested to make your reservation as early as possible.

An on-site restaurant is another basic facility, serving simple meals. There, you can dine noodles, fried eggs, rice and have a coffee. Prices for dining are higher than in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. As for the hygiene, Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse provides hot water. But it lacks bathing facilities (showers) and private toilets. Of modern amenities, phone signal is available, unlike internet access.

Everest Base Camp Tent Hotels is another provider of the accommodation located nearby, boasting one of the best views of Mount Everest in Tibet. Tent hotels are put into use between early April and mid-October or early November. Guests pay the price of around 4 USD per day.

Everest Base Camp Tent HotelThe interior of Everest Base Camp Tent Hotel

The Everest Base Camp Tent Hotels complex consists of dozens of tents. Each tent features stoves, blankets and 10 beds. But there is a strong possibility that more travelers will sleep in tents at peak season. Toilets are available outside hotels, in nearby huts. Showers aren't available, but hot water is. You can make use of low voltage electricity, but the strong recommendation for you is to charge your electric appliances before you get here.

Furthermore, you benefit of hot drinks and basic Chinese and Western meals as a guest of tent hotels. Rice, pork and noodles are on offer among other regional dishes. The staff of Everest Base Camp Tent Hotels understands basic English. If you need postal services, pay a visit to the nearby post office, which is likely the world's highest. To please your shopping appetite, visit nearby souvenir shops.

Nepal Hotels with the Best Views of Mount Everest

You can find hotels offering marvelous views of Mount Everest on the other side of the border, too. In this regard, Everest Panorama Resort and Hotel Everest View stand out from others.

Everest Panorama Resort assumes the hillside above Daman, Nepal. From there, you will enjoy not only the views of the Everest summit, but of the entire Himalayan range. Unlike the above-mentioned accommodation facilities in Tibet, this resort is a year-round destination. Its location is 2500 m/8200 ft above sea level. Approximate rates are 27 USD per night per person.

Everest Panorama ResortEverest Panorama Resort offers an amazing view of Mt. Everest and the Himalayan skyline.

Cozy cottages, a bar and a restaurant are basic facilities of Everest Panorama Resort. Cottages dispose of air-conditioners, TVs, telephones, minibars, Wi-Fi and room service. These are set in a pleasant environment flanked by wooded areas and/or a garden. Complimentary parking is available, as well. From windows, you can admire views of Mt. Everest and the Himalayan skyline.

The on-site glass house restaurant also provides exceptional mountain views. The house serves Nepalese and continental specialties. For taking a closer look at the Himalayan Mountains, go to the Private View Tower and take a look through powerful binoculars. Entertainment facilities of Everest Panorama Resort are home theatre and disco. Besides admiring mountain views, you will find horse riding, mountain biking and birdwatching quite enjoyable here.

Located in the Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park in Nepal, Hotel Everest View is the highest luxury hotel in the world. Since no road leads there, you can get to the hotel either by a helicopter or on a hike. The upscale hotel stands at 3960 meters/13000 feet above sea level. The price range for a double room, with meals included, is from 160 USD to 270 USD per night.

Hotel Everest View disposes of 12 rooms accessing outdoor balconies. Every room offers scenic views of Mount Everest and of other Himalayan mountain peaks. Among other in-room amenities, guests of the hotel benefit of Wi-Fi, private bathrooms with hot water and a small study. Room and laundry services are also available.

The hotel's restaurant serves continental and Japanese dishes, and hot drinks. Spectacular mountain views, including snow-capped Mount Everest, are an additional convenience.

More Travel Tips for Mount Everest Tours

Spending time in hotels, hostels and camps is just a small part of the Everest tour. To make the most of such an extraordinary experience, you should keep various things in mind. And the following ones are among the most important.

If you plan to visit the northern side of Mount Everest in Tibet, you need to apply for Tibet Travel Permit, the Alien’s travel permit and some other travel documents so that you can enter Tibet and get to the Everest Area. For mountain climbing in the Everest area, no matter in Tibet or in Nepal, you need to get a specific climbing license or permit. So make sure you get all the required travel documents before you start your journey.

Bringing a personal sleeping bag is always a good idea, especially if you are a hygiene-conscious person. Accommodation providers provide berths and blankets, of course. But, there are no guarantees that those have been washed recently.

When it comes to diet on your way to Everest Base Camp, you should eat diverse and caloric food. Even while you are spending time in a base camp or a hotel, eat as much as you can. The reason for such an approach is the loss of appetite as you climb. The higher you get, the more food you need albeit your appetite decreases.

So, don't avoid fat even if you don’t usually eat it. Cheeses, pizzas, fresh vegetables, oatmeal, rice and eggs are some types of food that will keep you going. Also bring sufficient amounts of snacks, including chips, nuts, raisins, granola bars, chocolate and so. Furthermore, drink a lot of water and don’t drink alcohol.

Avoiding altitude sickness is of utmost importance during your expedition in the Himalayan Mountains. Lower levels of oxygen on higher altitudes and quick pace are the main factors that trigger the sickness. AMS usually manifests itself through loss of appetite, nausea, headache, vomiting and fatigue.

The key in keeping altitude sickness at bay is setting the right pace. The slower you climb, the more time your organism has to adapt to the elevation. In any case, avoid gaining more than 460 meters (1510 feet) of altitude per day. Camping at lower altitude than the highest you reached that day is also a good strategy. Just like sleeping two consecutive nights on every third day at the same elevation is.

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