Ultimate Guide on Hong Kong to Beijing Train

Last updated: August,31 2018

Hong Kong and Beijing-made of skyscrapers, rich cuisine, busy lives, complex history, and active nights-are two busiest and popular parts of Asia. Travelling by train from Hong Kong to Beijing is definitely a worthwhile journey. You will be able to see a bit more of these incredible cities and everything in between which you might miss when you travel by air. The whole route takes you across almost the country; you will basically be going from one end of the country to another side. There is no better way to explore a country in comfort, through a window.

About Beijing-Kowloon Railway

The Beijing Kowloon rail route was inaugurated in the year 1996. The railway route from Beijing to Hong Kong covers a total distance of 2, 397 kilometres. This train journey takes almost 24 hrs from Hong Kong to Beijing and vice versa. This normal speed, dual track railway has been functioning for over a decade. The train travels at a speed of 150 km/hr compared to high speed bullet trains that travel at a speed of 300 km/hr. This route starts at Beijing in Beijing West Station and ends at Hong Kong in Hung Hom Station.

Beijing-Kowloon RailwayBeijing-Kowloon Train Route Map
(Beijing West-Zhengzhou-Wuchang-Changsha-Guangzhou East-Kowloon)

Hong Kong to Beijing Train Schedule

The train running between Beijing and Hong Kong is not a daily train. Z98, the train from Hong Kong to Beijing, runs on even days in each month, which the Z97, the train back from Beijing to Hong Kong, runs on odd days. So when you plan to take a train to Beijing from Hong Kong, please check the departure date of the train.

Timetable of Hong Kong to Beijing Train Z98

Hong Kong, Kowloon Depart at 15:15
Guangzhou East 18: 06
Changsha 01: 29 (the next day)
Wuchang 04:56
Zhengzhou 09:37
Beijing West Arrive at 15:30

Timetable of Beijing to Hong Kong Train Z97

Beijing West Depart at 12: 40
Zhengzhou 18: 25
Wuchang 23: 05
Changsha 02: 26 (the next day)
Guangzhou East 10: 01
Hong Kong, Kowloon Arrive at 13: 01

Please Note: The timings may change, it is always better to check the timings well in advance.

From September 2018, a direct line high speed train from Hong Kong to Beijing will start its services. The travel time will be cut down from 24 hrs to 8h 30m. The trains will be G type high speed trains; G type trains have both sleeper and seater coaches. Soon travel from Hong Kong to Beijing will be as long or tedious as it is now.

How about the Train from Hong Kong to Beijing

Since this journey involves overnight travel, mostly the trains have sleeper seats. There is deluxe soft sleeper, soft sleeper, and hard sleeper with deluxe soft sleeper being the most expensive and hard sleeper costing the least. The deluxe soft sleepers have separate compartments with doors and some trains even have private toilets in each deluxe soft sleeper compartment. There will be two berths with a luggage rack, electrical outlet, pillows, and blanket. The soft sleeper has 4 berths in one compartment with a door.

Train from Hong Kong to BeijingTrain from Hong Kong to Beijing

There will be western and Chinese style toilets at the end of each coach. There is power socket and luggage rack in each compartment. Hard sleeper has the least comfortable bedding and smaller compared to soft sleeper. There are six berths in compartment and no door for privacy. The lights turn off by 20:30 and there are only Chinese style toilets. But if you really love interacting with the locals and feel the culture then hard sleeper is for you.

How to Get the Beijing-Hong Kong Train Ticket

The process for buying train tickets is different in Hong Kong compared to Beijing. The railway system in Hong Kong is different from mainland China. You can buy the train ticket yourself from the local ticket outlets in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Or you can book your train ticket from a local travel agency. You will get a confirmation letter once the tickets are issued. Your paper tickets can be delivered to the address of your choice, when you enter China. Foreigners will have to show their passport and Hong Kong and Macau citizens must show their mainland China permit at the immigration.

If you are leaving from Beijing the tickets can be purchased 28 days before the date of travel, if you are leaving from Hong Kong the tickets can be purchased 60 days before the date of travel. You are advised to reach the station at least 90 minutes before the time of departure.

Beijing- Hong Kong Train Ticket Price

Adult (10 yrs & above) CNY 970 CNY 760 CNY 471
Kids (9 yrs & below) CNY 734 CNY 572 CNY 356

The rates are subject to change.

Where to Take a Beijing- Hong Kong Train

In Hong Kong, all the trains that go to Hong Kong start at Hung Hom Station in Kowloon. Locally, this station is also called as Jiulong Station. It is located in Yau Tsim Mong district of Kowloon. There are mini buses, local buses, airport shuttle buses, and subway lines to this station. You can also take taxi to the station. The station is approximately 35-35 minutes from the airport.

In Beijing, the train arrives at Beijing West Station, where you can take a train to enjoy the most popular train journey from Beijing to Tibet. It is convenient to take subway lines or bus to get to and from the station. The station is 36 kilometres from Beijing Capital International Airport.

If you feel that 24 hour journey is not possible for you then there is another option. While travelling from Hong Kong to Beijing, you can take the normal train till Guangzhou and then take a high speed train from Guangzhou to Beijing. If you are travelling from Beijing to Guangzhou, you can take the bullet train till Guangzhou and then go by the normal train to Hong Kong.

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